3 Critical Rules to be a “Cool Customer” at ‘MBA info sessions’!

Last updated on September 24th, 2013

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Many top MBA schools in the world are coming to India to attract top quality applicants. Though a few host independent info-sessions most prefer coming as part of MBA conferences.


CrackVerbal has been associated with various MBA fairs and info sessions since 2010 and has seen very closely the kind of interactions that happen in such meets. Here are the top 3 kinds of people who attend such seminars/info sessions:


1) Curious Cat


He has come over with little clue about what he wants from the session. He has definitely not taken the GMAT nor is he aware of B-school admissions processes. As the name suggests, he is just curious to understand how this whole thing works. He can be spotted by the way he goes from one stall to another collecting brochures but not really engaging in a conversation with any admissions representative.


2) Anxious Anna


This one has perhaps taken the GMAT and has some idea about MBA applications. However, our friend is also trying desperately to find answers to questions such as “Will I get admission to your school?” or “What scholarships will you offer me?” Answers to both of which she will never get as they are way too subjective. However, she is hopping from one booth to another desperately trying to find someone who will answer in the affirmative.


3) Cool Customer


This one is really assured and is typically seen only at a few select B-school booths. He/she knows what to look for and is seen engaging in a meaningful conversation with the Admission Committee (AdCom). Typically the person is seen having a dossier in hand – with important stuff such as a 1-page business resume, and a list of specific questions for the AdCom.


So who do you want to be? Don’t bother answering – it was more of a rhetorical question. 🙂
Remember that the AdCom members are keeping their eyes open for people who are smart, articulate and can make for a good fit for the program. There have been instances when they have started a conversation at an MBA info-session and have ended with an offer once the candidate applied.


If you really want to see yourself in the 3rd category, here is a checklist of things that you can do to make you look “cool” in the eyes of the admissions committee.


Rule #1: Have a good idea of the schools that are going to be visiting the seminar/fair. It is important that you do the background research by Googling everything you can.


Rule #2: Ensure you have a list of 2-3 must-talk-to schools. It is easy to go from one booth to another without a clear objective. Before you end the day, you are left with a pile of brochures and no clear idea of the next-steps. It always helps to have a clear idea before getting into it.


Rule #3: Carry a 1-page business resume. Still better if you can just carry a sheet which gives a high-level summary of your profile such as Name, GMAT, Education (with %age), Experience – clearly noting position and company, and major extra-curricular activities. It always helps to hand over a copy to the representatives before you start your conversation. Almost like handing over a business card.

Keeping these three rules in mind will ensure you get the maximum value from attending such MBA info-sessions. Be a cool customer and get set towards your MBA!
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