Our Story

CrackVerbal was founded in 2006 with an intention to provide Indian students with a unique, tailor-made learning experience designed to suit their specific needs.

Most test-prep institutions train students using a one-size-fits-all teaching method. At CrackVerbal, we recognize the patterns of thought that affect students. We make use of this knowledge to create specialized courses meant to cater to each student’s individual need, anywhere in the world. Our focus is on bespoke solutions to help the student learn at their pace, time and capabilities.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our students get nothing but the best in terms of faculty, study material, and guidance. We aim to bridge the gap between our students and their dreams.

Mentoring Achievers has been our mantra and along the years, our guiding principle has remained the same – to act as a bridge between exceptional faculty who love to mentor and extraordinary achievers who want to be mentored.

In fact, that is exactly what our logo symbolizes – it is designed to depict a book as well as a bridge where education bridges dreams with reality.

We are extremely proud of our 11000+ strong family of students living their dream of pursuing a world-class education from top schools across the globe!

Our Core Values


We may have missed deadlines but we have never compromised on the quality of anything we create – be it academic content, marketing communication, or deadlines. And we never will!


We go out of our way for our students – whether it is the sales team customizing our offerings, the academic team answering every student query or the support team exploring ways to accommodate student requests.


At the core of everything we do lies honesty. We have never made tall claims, never promised the moon, never misrepresented facts; fundamentally, everything anyone from the CrackVerbal family promises or offers, is true and honest. And that is what wins us trust.


We have explored new products, new geographies, new marketing techniques, new content… and expended effort and time on these; some of them succeeded, & some of them have failed miserably. But we have not stopped trying, despite the mistakes. We don’t play safe.

Our People

Crackverbal is composed of diverse team members who are united by the mission to build
a world-class test-prep and admissions company to help students make smarter career choices.

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-founder, Head of Product and Sales

Senior Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Business Development Manager

HR & Project Manager

Senior Academics and Delivery Manager

Manager – Online sales

Manager – Finance and Operations

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Operations Executive

Business Development Manager

Content Strategist

Graphic Design and Video Editing Specialist

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