Your Essay Might Be Good But Is Your Story Great?

Get step-by-step guidance from a top B-school alum on all aspects of your MBA application essay from brainstorming and structuring your story to creating an impressive ready to submit essay

What We Can Do For You

We know how stressful drafting the perfect MBA Application can be. And that’s why our end-to-end application service is designed to give you actionable feedback on your story, content, and grammar to craft that winning MBA application


Get mentored by alums from top B-schools across the Globe to craft that perfect MBA Application for your dream B-school


You’ll get detailed and actionable feedback on how to draft an essay that highlights your story in the best possible manner


You can sprinkle some magic dust on your application with our detailed analysis and years of experience

How Does The MBA Application Service Work?

Sign Up

You can register for the MBA application package by getting in touch with one of our team members.


Based on initial discussion, You will be assigned a mentor who will work closely with you as you are drafting your application

Pre Work

The Pre-work gives us insights into your profile in terms of achievements, goals, skills and your post-MBA goals.


An intense brainstorming session with the mentor on your profile, the story, and the kind of skill sets that needs to be highlighted in the essay.

First Draft

You draft your first essay based on the points discussed during the brainstorming session and submit it to your mentor for review.


Your mentor goes through your essays and suggests actionable improvements. This process continues and your essay will undergo a series of two to three reviews and edits.


Once you submit a few drafts there will be constant feedback loop via email and calls to ensure you are on the right track.

Final Review

Before submitting your MBA application essay to the college a final review is done by the mentor.

Don’t rely on just hope and luck to get into your dream program

You can register for the MBA application package by getting in touch with one of our team members


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Here are some questions you may have

How does the process work?

We have a very effective and streamlined process to help you with your MBA application.
As soon as you sign up for an application package, you will receive a Personal Applications Strategy (PAS) form on your registered email address, irrespective of the number of schools you want to apply to. You are expected to fill in the form and send it to your CrackVerbal Account Manager.

We will then call you to discuss your plans and then assign you to one of our highly experienced mentors, who will take it up from there to the end.

We will provide you with all the guidance and support you need to complete the application processes to your dream schools.

For how long can I avail of these services?

Your subscription to CrackVerbal’s industry-leading application service will last for one season of admissions.

This means that your subscription will end with the deadlines for the round of applications that you have opted for. For more details regarding this, please reach out to our support team.

Can I choose my mentor?

Not really but you can let us know your preferences. We will try to match your preferences with the profile and availability of the mentors.

You don’t need to worry as we have a clear system in place to assign you the best possible mentor who matches your profile, target B-school, and geographical preference.

Can I choose my own schools?

Yes, absolutely. We can go through the schools you have selected to make sure the B-schools that you have selected is the right fit for your profile and post-MBA career goals. We will also work with you to list out schools where your probability for a successful admit is maximized.

Does CrackVerbal have any tie-ups with specific universities?

We have consciously stayed clear of any tie-ups because we have the best interest of the students in mind and not of the universities.

Do you help with getting a visa?

At present, we do not offer visa services, but we can help you with arranging the required documentation for the same.

Does CrackVerbal provide student loans?

We do not provide student loans, but we can put you in touch with various financial institutions that provide funds for higher education.

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Get step-by-step guidance from a top B-school alum on all aspects of your MBA essay from brainstorming & structuring your story to creating your final essay
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