6 Traits Top MBA Programs Look For – #4 Diversity

December 20th, 2012

| Last Updated on May 21, 2019

Imagine a classroom of over 500 students, all from South Asia with similarly strong academic backgrounds and who have worked with some IT services firm or the other!
How does this sound? Boring?
It is not just boring but also a sad state of affairs if B-schools start producing carbon copies of IT managers. This is why they look for classroom diversity!

There are many ways in which B-schools endeavor to make their classroom diverse:

Diversity in terms of:

1. Demography

An ideal B-school classroom never consists only of MBA aspirants belonging to a particular region, country or even continent. There will be an assortment of students across the world, where every student brings in his/her unique experiences and values and makes the learning more dynamic. A classroom where a Chinese student shares his/her life’s journey with an American is much more productive than a classroom where professionals belonging to a similar demography network with each other.
If you analyze the class profiles of top B-schools, you’ll find that they all reflect statistics such as this:

2. Profession

B-Schools across the world receive numerous applications each year with diverse profiles. Unlike in India, where IT employees form the majority in the professional world, B-schools give equal weight to other professions too! Again, if you glance through the class profiles of top B-schools, you will find:
Sadly, in India, the scenario is not as good. Do you know who are the most disadvantaged group of MBA aspirants?

The IIMs – Indian IT Males!

This group typically consists of males with an IT background and about 4 years of experience at Infosys, TCS or a similar company. The number of Indian IT male professionals applying in top B-schools is also humongous!
But if you happen to belong to this category, is there any way you can differentiate yourself from the crowd?
Yes, apart from your academic potential, there are a couple of ways in which you can display your unique traits to the AdComs. For instance, if you have lived in different parts of India, you can always showcase your qualities of adaptability and cultural sensitivity that you have developed with time. If you have studied in a hostel for most of your student life, you can explain how this has made you a more mature and independent person.
Irrespective of qualifications and work experiences, every applicant has something distinctive to add to the classroom. The key is to identify this pearl in your closet!

3. Gender

As B-schools understand the significance of diversity in their classrooms, it is not uncommon to see an increasing number of female aspirants getting admission to top B-schools. In fact, a look at the class profiles of top B-schools indicates clearly how well B-schools sketch out their classroom diversity and have a well-balanced male-female ratio.


So, sit back and start reflecting on what your USP is!
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