Book Review : ETS GRE Official Guide 2nd Edition

February 20th, 2014

| Last Updated on February 11, 2019

The ETS GRE Official Guide cannot be compared to any other preparation book because of one very simple reason, it was written by the very people who write the questions that you will face on the test day. It maintains the standard of difficulty that you expect to find in the GRE.


What’s great about the ETS GRE Official guide:

The Verbal and Quant reasoning provides valuable insight into the rationales used to answer the sample questions. The ETS Math review is a great way to refresh your basics and exposes you to the concepts which will be applied to the questions.


What could be better on the ETS GRE Official guide :

The only area where the ETS GRE book could be found lacking is the fact that the explanations are somewhat insufficient in detail.  So, this is not the right book for someone who has just begun preparing. The strategies that can be used by students to tackle questions are not provided and so the value of the ETS GRE book lies more in the questions than the answers.


It will be better to understand strategies and techniques in other books such as The Princeton Review (good explanations but relatively simple practice questions) and then use the ETS GRE official guide to practice the application of the tactics in more complex questions.


The advantage of the ETS GRE book lies in the PowerPrep Tests that are available with the book. They give you the actual GRE test with a score in the end. Since GRE is an adaptive test, paper-based practice does not really prepare you sufficiently. These full-length tests give you a different and more real preparation for the exam.


In short, the ETS GRE Official Guide is essential for anyone preparing for the GRE. But it is best supplemented by one which provides a more detailed insight into the methodologies used to answer questions.


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