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GMAT Personal Tutoring

Here are some questions you may have

What is the duration of this course?

At CrackVerbal, we believe in providing you with nothing less than the best. We have a team of trained, professional GMAT faculty members who have gone through intensive training and follow a process that is vetted over the years and is guaranteed to work.

You can review their profiles on the Faculty Members page.

Who are the teachers?

At CrackVerbal, we believe in providing you with nothing less than the very best that money can buy. We have a team of trained, professional faculty members who are fully equipped to provide you with excellent services whether it is in the classroom, through our forums, over the phone, via email or through personal tutoring. You can review their profiles on the Faculty Members page.

Can I take a free Personal Tutoring session before enrolling?

We don’t have a trial personal tutoring session but you get a complete refund if you aren’t satisfied at the end of your first session.

What is the schedule for personal tutoring?

At CrackVerbal, we have designed GMAT Personal Tutoring to be as adaptable to individual needs and schedule. As a result, there is no pre-fixed schedule for this course. You can create your own schedule and fix appointments with your tutor accordingly.

What are the advantages of personal tutoring? Who should opt for it?

Personal Tutoring is a highly personalised service and we recommend it specifically for students who are retaking the GMAT to improve their scores.

Personal Tutoring is designed to provide highly specific guidance to those students who have prepared to the best of their abilities but yet been unable to achieve their dream scores. Tutors use Enhanced Score Reports of the student’s latest GMAT attempt to work out their strengths and weaknesses and then recommend a course of action.

At the end of each session, you will be provided with a recording of that session for future reference.

The level of individual attention afforded by Personal Tutoring provides what GMAT retakers often need to make the cut.

When should I opt for personal tutoring?

If you have done your best to prepare for the GMAT but still haven’t scored like you wanted to, Personal Tutoring is for you.

Ideally, you should have approximately two months to go before your next GMAT attempt when you come in for Personal Tutoring. However, a lot depends on the score difference you want to achieve, your learning speed and the specific problems you’re facing.

What if I’m not based out of India?

Absolutely no problem. In fact, most of our GRE personal tutoring students aren’t based out of India.
Our sessions are online and we have flexible timings to match your schedule. Our instructors work on the weekends too.

How is an instructor assigned to me?

We assign you an instructor to match your requirements based on our understanding of your schedule and preparation needs post the first call.

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