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MS Application Package

Here are some questions you may have

What aspects of application will I get help with?

Our team of applications experts are capable of helping you through every step of your MS Applications. From brainstorming to choose the right schools, to submitting your final applications – our experts will be with you all the way.

How long does the whole process usually take?

This depends entirely on what stage of your MS applications you are at when you come to us. To know how long your specific MS Applications will take, reach out to our support team or call us at +91 8880560000.

Can you help me select the right Universities for my profile?

Yes, our experts are well-versed with the options available around the world and can guide you to choose those that will increase your probability for an admit and are best suited for your profile.

Can you write Statements of Purpose for me?

We don’t write your essays because we believe It is unethical for anyone but you to write your essays and Statement of Purpose. We provide you with guidance and feedback, following which, we make any required edits to your work. The actual writing has to be done by you.

What is a Resumé Review and how can it help me?

When you are applying to top schools, there is a specific way in which you should structure your resumé to maximise your chances of getting selected. Our experts can review your existing resumé and provide feedback on it to help you achieve the ideal structure.

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