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A Powerful 8 week GRE study plan by GRE 336 Scorer

You know that you may have to take the GRE and are probably dreading it a little. The test is challenging, and worse still, this is something you’ve never done before. So how do you even plan a structure or strategy to take it on?

Fortunately, we’ve developed an adaptable 8-week study plan for this exact purpose!

During this webinar our instructor Matoo, a 336 GRE scorer, will cover:

1. The structure of the test and how to address all components of it
2. The concept-application split
3. How to hit the sweet spot of “just enough” prep
4. Putting together a template for an 8-week plan
5. Best resources to boost your GRE prep

Session Details:
Date – 12th April 2019
Instructor – Matoo Gupta

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