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How to Avoid the 3 Common GRE Verbal Mistakes

Are you struggling to finish your GRE test in time?

Do you get confused about what words you should choose when left with 3 choices in Sentence Equivalence & Text Completion?

Do the topics in Reading Comprehension baffle you and leave you worried?

This webinar will help you avoid the typical mistakes students make when attempting the GRE.

During this webinar, you’ll learn :
1. How to manage your time more effectively on the GRE.
2. How to avoid falling into traps in Sentence Equivalence & Text Completion.
3. How to choose information to answer the questions more effectively on the GRE Reading Comprehension.
4. What is GRE really testing you on the AWA?

Session Details: Date – 28th April 2019 Instructor – Monika Kamath

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