Classroom Coaching Versus Self Study for the GMAT

January 7th, 2014

| Last Updated on February 28, 2021

This week’s Wednesday Wisdoms addresses the topic of classroom coaching versus that of self-study for the GMAT. . 🙂

Welcome to this week’s edition of Wednesday Wisdoms. So one question that I keep getting asked a lot, often is
“Do I really need to join a GMAT coaching or a GMAT training centre?”
“Can I study on my own?”
My answer to them is – yes, you can study by yourself!
Today there are so many things on the internet if you look at forums like Pagalguy, BeattheGMAT & GMAT club, you get a lot of things which are free.
So then why would you need to join GMAT coaching?
According to me and I can speak on behalf of CrackVerbal, because that is what we believe in – there are 4 reasons why you should join any coaching :
Watch a quick video for the 4 reasons and read the transcript below!

1. You’re here because you want to learn from the expertise of the faculty. You want to really learn from the people who have been there and done that. So in my class one measure that I have for myself is if I can come in and if you can kind of distil whatever I have to say into an A4 size paper, then probably I have not done my job.
So my job really gets done when I’m able to translate my experience of many years of GMAT coaching into the class room. So I think that’s really one thing that you should look for. You should look for great faculty, I think that really defines the coaching.
2. You want to focus on the kind of techniques that they teach you. I have seen a lot of companies that get into 100 different things, they would use techniques that maybe great for a particular test onto the GMAT and you realise it doesn’t work.
One common example is many techniques that are taught for GMAT actually come from a test called LSAT. A lot of these techniques which could be great for LSAT, just don’t work on the GMAT. Though it looks similar, Critical Reasoning you know.. apples to apples, but it’s not apples to apples.
So that is probably the second thing that you want to understand, what are these techniques you know… can I go and ask students whether these techniques really work for them? So you can probably look at student debriefs and try to see if the techniques that are being taught are actually useful.
3. You want to join for the discipline of attending a course. It has been proven, tried and tested that your motivation and your ability to stick to a schedule goes up when you make a commitment to something. Joining a course is a commitment.
At CrackVerbal, what we give is, we give a list of things that you should be doing, so each class they have homework. So when you attend a class, you know you have to go back and do the homework before you come into the next class. So really, it is about being on the straight and narrow. That is the 3rd reason why you should be joining.
4. Learning is just one part of it, it’s the tip of the ice berg. The actual thing that would really come, is when you’re stuck with questions that are at a 750 level on the GMAT, do you have someone who can show you how to do it right? So that’s where the support becomes so important.
For example at CrackVerbal, we have unlimited support which means that till the point you take the test, till the point you do well, we are committed to helping you. Even if it means revisiting the class, access to all our forums, access to the e-mail and phone support that we have, so we are pretty open about that part because we believe that teaching is half in the class, but also half when you go back and start studying by yourself.

So in a summary 4 things why you should join GMAT test prep – because


You want to learn from instructors who have been there and done that.
You want to learn techniques that work for you.
You want to pick a programme that will help you, motivate you to keep you on the schedule &
You want to pick coaching for the support you get after the course.


So that’s what I had for this week, I’ll catch you again, thank you!

Hope these techniques make a positive difference to your GMAT prep! If you’d like to share what works for you and what doesn’t, please leave a comment in the comment section below.
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