How to Shortlist B-Schools for MS

shortlist the schools

I hope your plans of pursuing your masters abroad is still on. Have you started shortlisting the schools for your masters program?

If yes, then the next step is choosing the right school for an MS.

CrackVerbal brings you an insightful free webinar on ‘How to Pick the Right Schools for MS’, to help you clear all your doubts and confusions in one session.

Join this webinar, where our application mentors will guide you on choosing your desired school. Here’s what you will learn during the webinar:

1. 3 factors to consider before choosing your school
2. How to find the right MS course based on your interest
3. How to choose schools based on your budget
4. How to create a tentative list of universities
5. How to get scholarships for top universities across the globe
6. How to connect with alums of different universities

Session Details:
Topic: How to Pick the Right MS Program
Date: Friday, 23rd August 2019
Time: 7:30 pm
Instructor: Shreekala Kurup, Co-Founder & Applications Mentor

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GRE Exam Pattern: What You Need to Know!

Are you planning to take the GRE?

It’s a big commitment, and before you dive in, you should be clear on whether it can actually help you towards your academic+career goals!

The good news is that the GRE opens a whole bunch of doors when it comes to higher education, including some you may not have considered before! Ideally, you want to know what your options are with the GRE since this knowledge will inform a lot about how you approach the admission process.

Join us with our Verbal expert Matoo Gupta for a webinar session on Friday, the 2nd of August, 2019 in which we will discuss:

1. Introduction to the pattern: Things that a test-taker would not know
2. Learn how to pick up GIST on reading comprehension
3. Learn how to navigate traps and make logical guesses
4. What does it take to score high on the GRE?

Session Details:
Date: Friday, 2nd Aug 2019
Time: 7.30 pm
Instructor: Matoo Gupta

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Prepare for GRE in 30 Days

GRE in 30 days

About the session:

Are you planning to take the GRE in the next one month?

If yes, how confident are you about achieving your target GRE score?

If time is a constraint for GRE preparation, then here’s something you must not miss!

Attend this Free Live Webinar on ‘How to Prepare for the GRE in just 4 Weeks’.

Our GRE experts have designed a plan that will help you apply strategies and techniques to ace the test in the next few weeks.

Here are the points that will be discussed in the webinar:

1. How to approach your GRE prep for the next 30 days
2. Tips and hacks to prepare better for the GRE
3. Application of proven concepts and techniques to ace the GRE

If you are planning to take up GRE in the next few weeks, this webinar would be helpful. So, don’t miss it!

Session Details:
Date: Friday, 26th July 2019
Time: 7.30 pm
Instructor: Matoo Gupta

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Backlogs & Successful MS admit!

MS admit despite backlogs

Are you worried about your backlogs affecting your chances of getting a Masters abroad?

If yes! then we have a webinar just for you.

During our webinar on “How to get a successful MS admit despite Backlogs” our Co-founder & COO Shreekala will discuss:

1. Should a student be worried about backlogs while applying to a Masters program
2. How you can positively showcase your back-logs in your MS application.
3. How the learning in the US is very different from India.

If you are planning to pursue your Masters abroad despite having backlogs, then this webinar is for you!

Session Details:
Date: Sunday, 26th May 2019
Time: 10.30 am
Instructor: Shreekala Kurup

  • May, 22nd, 2019
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7 Strategies to Ace the GRE Quant Section

7 strategies GRE quant webinar

Are you finding it difficult to maximize your GRE Quant scores despite putting in your best?

If yes! then you are in the right place!

Attend CrackVerbal’s webinar on 10th May, Friday at 7.30 pm by our Quant Expert Aravind BT, who has secured a perfect score of 170 in the GRE Quant.

In this webinar, we will:

1. Introduce you to proven techniques which make problem solving in Quant, easier and less time consuming.

2. Discuss strategies which can be employed when solving advanced level Quant questions on the GRE.

3. You will also be given a time management strategy for the Quant sections of the GRE.

Session Details:
Date – 10th May 2019
Instructor – Aravind B T

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How to Avoid the 3 Common GRE Verbal Mistakes

3 common mistakes in GRE

Are you struggling to finish your GRE test in time?

Do you get confused about what words you should choose when left with 3 choices in Sentence Equivalence & Text Completion?

Do the topics in Reading Comprehension baffle you and leave you worried?

This webinar will help you avoid the typical mistakes students make when attempting the GRE.

During this webinar, you’ll learn :
1. How to manage your time more effectively on the GRE.
2. How to avoid falling into traps in Sentence Equivalence & Text Completion.
3. How to choose information to answer the questions more effectively on the GRE Reading Comprehension.
4. What is GRE really testing you on the AWA?

Session Details:
Date – 28th April 2019
Instructor – Monika Kamath

  • April, 25th, 2019
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A Powerful 8 week GRE study plan by GRE 336 Scorer

8 week gre study plan webinar

You know that you may have to take the GRE and are probably dreading it a little. The test is challenging, and worse still, this is something you’ve never done before. So how do you even plan a structure or strategy to take it on?

Fortunately, we’ve developed an adaptable 8-week study plan for this exact purpose!

During this webinar our instructor Matoo, a 336 GRE scorer, will cover:

1. The structure of the test and how to address all components of it
2. The concept-application split
3. How to hit the sweet spot of “just enough” prep
4. Putting together a template for an 8-week plan
5. Best resources to boost your GRE prep

Session Details:
Date – 12th April 2019
Instructor – Matoo Gupta

  • April, 11th, 2019
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3 Tips to Increase Your Accuracy for GRE Probability Questions

Do you find Probability questions incredibly hard to understand and solve?

Do you find yourself stuck in most Probability problems not knowing the approach?

Do you want to improve your strike rate on Probability questions?

Here’s a solution to all your ‘Probability worries’. In this webinar, you will learn 3 Tips to increase your accuracy in Probability questions on GRE Quant.

  • April, 9th, 2019
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A Unique Way To Build Vocab For The GRE

You can learn all the conceptual matter and techniques to take on GRE Verbal questions, but one major problem always remains: The challenge of Vocab!

Learning to recall from over thousands of words isn’t easy! But what if we approached the challenge differently?

In this webinar, you will learn a powerful technique from a GRE 336 scorer on how to make learning and recollecting GRE words simple.

In this webinar, our instructor Matoo Gupta will discuss:

1. What the challenge of vocabulary really is and how to break it down
2. Why it is hard to learn words and how to overcome this
3. A better thought out approach towards Vocab building all-together

  • April, 9th, 2019
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How To Ace GRE Inequalities and Absolute Values Questions

During this webinar, our instructor will discuss:
1. Strategies to tackle hard inequality questions
2. How to draw inferences from the question stem
3. Different traps that test takers are prone to fall for

  • February, 20th, 2019
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How to score a 330+ on the GRE?

During this webinar, you will learn a lot of simple hacks to maximize your GRE score and learn the right strategies to make your GRE prep more efficient.

  • February, 20th, 2019
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Strategies To Score a Perfect 170 On Quant

In this webinar, we discuss:
1. How to train your mind to reason out math questions at a 170 level logically
2. How to use the technique of elimination and befriend alternate methods to solving questions
3. Why it is crucial to managing your time on the GRE
4. How to master questions on Quantitative Comparisons in GRE

  • February, 20th, 2019
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3 powerful GRE time management techniques

The GRE may test your technical intelligence, but all this intelligence is of no use if you don’t have enough time
In this comprehensive webinar, our expert sheds light on 3 powerful GRE time management techniques, which can help you ensure an impressive score on the GRE.

  • December, 24th, 2018
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A Powerful 8 week GRE study plan by GRE 336 Scorer

In this webinar, you will learn :
1. How the GRE works
2. How to beat the GRE
3. How to approach the exam and create a highly effective study plan

  • December, 24th, 2018
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7 Easy Ways to Build Your GRE Vocabulary

In this webinar you will learn :
1. Ways to make vocabulary building more effective, meaningful and fun
2. To kickstart your vocabulary building on the right note
3. Some strategies to trick your brain into NEVER forgetting the words you learn

  • December, 24th, 2018
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3 simple hacks to ace the GRE quantitative comparisons

In this webinar, you will learn three simple hacks to master GRE Quantitative comparison questions
1. Plugging in values (ZONEF Method)
2. Sometimes instead of plugging in values, you can breakdown the QC Question
3. How to reason out QC Questions

  • December, 24th, 2018
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