An ISB Admit With Less Than 2 Years of Work Experience

Apoorva Mishra


GMAT Score – 660

Indian School Of Business


The first thing you’re likely to think when you see Apoorva Mishra’s profile is, “In a couple of years, this guy is definitely going to a top B-school.”

And you would be right, except for one fact:

When Apoorva decided to start applying for an MBA, he had less than 2 years of experience and he wanted to get into a globally renowned MBA program.

The problem here, obviously, is that most top programs require significantly higher levels of work experience for a candidate to be considered seriously for admission.

But Apoorva was driven and determined to get in, so CrackVerbal decided to get on the bandwagon and help him get into a top MBA program.


Which services did Apoorva sign up for?

Initially, Apoorva just wanted help strengthening his skills on the Verbal section of the GMAT. He had attempted the GMAT once before joining CrackVerbal and scored a 660 with a break-up of Q41 and V31.

Having finished his engineering education recently, Apoorva was reasonably confident about his quant skills. He knew he needed a better score if he wanted to get into any of the world’s leading institutions for an MBA, so he decided to try once again.

But this time, he decided to get professional GMAT coaching instead.

“My prep was pretty disorganized. Some days I would come back and study, but some days I would skip it because I was tired. It felt like I had no direction. I used to borrow notes from friends at other institutions to prepare for the GMAT,” says Apoorva.

Apoorva came to CrackVerbal in search of a system that would help him organize and streamline his prep.

Given his confidence about his Quant skills, Apoorva signed up for GMAT Verbal coaching only. The decision served him quite well in the coming months during which he retook the GMAT test and scored 700 – a 40 point jump up from his previous attempt.

After receiving his GMAT scores, he set about selecting the right B-school for himself. Pretty soon, he had singled out two schools he wanted to apply to – MIT Sloan and the Indian School of Business.

Apoorva chose to handle his MIT application on his own but approached CrackVerbal for help to prepare for his ISB interview.


What did CrackVerbal do to help Apoorva with his ISB interview prep?

The Indian School of Business has a particular policy of offering an Early Entry Option (EEO) to candidates it deems worthy.

The Early Entry Option provides a deferred admission to some candidates who truly stand out in the pool of applicants. To be eligible to receive this, a candidate must have less than two years of cumulative work experience.


Simply being eligible for ISB’s Early Entry Option wasn’t going to do the trick for Apoorva.

So, CrackVerbal set about helping Apoorva gain the edge he would need to differentiate himself from the throngs of applicants who apply for the EEO at ISB.

The EEO is meant for fresh graduates with under 24 months of work experience who have a strong drive to plan out their careers ahead of time. The option is meant to assure them of an MBA admit once they complete the basic requirements related to work experience.

Being aware that his competitors would be preparing for the same things he was seeing online, Apoorva chose to take advantage of CrackVerbal’s experience and expertise in the field.

“I knew I needed to do something that everyone else wasn’t doing. It turns out that getting clarity on my post-MBA goals was that thing. Apparently, ISB doesn’t expect much on that front from someone who doesn’t have much work experience,” says Apoorva.

Intuitive thinking would be to leave career goals out of the point of focus because we know that ISB doesn’t look for it. But having assisted thousands of students to get into their dream colleges, the experts at CrackVerbal knew that ‘not looking for’ and ‘not interested in’ are two entirely different things.

“Of course it matters if you have clarity on your goals. It is not expected from EEO candidates to know their goals because typically, they don’t have the kind of maturity it takes to plan for your long-term career. The best way to stand out is to show them you have exactly that – in spite of being so young,” Arun says.

So, that is exactly what Apoorva set out to do.

Team CrackVerbal guided Apoorva’s efforts in the right direction, to introspect and understand for himself why he wanted what he wanted. But there was more to it than that.


How was Apoorva’s interview prep different from the usual?

Being an Early Entry applicant, Apoorva wouldn’t face the typical kind of interview that any average ISB applicant should expect.

The usual conversation during an ISB interview would center around the candidate’s work experience, what they have learned through it, and what they will bring to the class. It’s about whether the candidate’s personality will be a good fit and whether they’ll get what they’re looking for through the program.

A conversation with an EEO candidate is likely to be very different.

The AdCom will want to know if you’re sure of what you’re doing, whether you know what you want and why, and whether you have the potential to become a strong asset to the cohort you’re aiming to join.

What they’re judging is not your present status or personality, they’re looking for the person you will be a few years from that point.

So, Apoorva’s interview preparation was designed to help him showcase and try to sell his future self. For this, he would need to think long and hard. That’s what was recommended, and that’s what he did.

The kind of questions that CrackVerbal trained him to answer included “Why MBA and not MS?”

“I was asked this very question by ISB during my interview. I wanted to do an MBA since I had an inclination towards entrepreneurship and product management. My co-curricular activities instilled a very strong desire for social service too and I believe an MBA would help me,” says Apoorva.

After the mentors made Apoorva do some soul-searching, he finally found answers to the questions they asked him.

CrackVerbal’s interview prep service includes two life-like interviews, in person or through video conference. The panel interview phase consists of at least one alumnus from the candidate’s dream school, who can guide the candidate through what they should expect.


The Conclusion

Nothing speaks about a brand’s effectiveness like a happy customer.

We will leave you to gauge what you will from what Apoorva said in one of his interviews after getting into ISB.

“It was this clarity that helped me bag an admit to the Indian School of Business and I owe it to the admission consultants at CrackVerbal who were patient and helped me introspect on my MBA and future goals,” Apoorva said.


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