5 Things You Should (& Should Not) Ask the Admissions Team at MBA fairs

Last updated on September 27th, 2013

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Before I deep-dive into the list, here are 2 generic things that you need to remember:


1) Leave questions open-ended


For all questions you can end with “Is there anything else that you think I should know? Is there anything else that you think is important for this”? Make sure the Admissions Member is able to provide you pointers that you may have NOT anticipated.


2) Don’t ask for data – ask for opinion


The value should be given to the person’s perspective and not to something google-able. So try to pick their brains by asking things specific to your case.


crossWhat not to ask: Extent of scholarship awarded or any such information found on their website.


cool-green-tickWhat to ask: Their thoughts on how typically Indian candidates such as yourself fund their education


crossWhat not to ask: Generic questions such as the placement scene for that year, or questions about salary ranges, or “campus placements”.


cool-green-tickWhat to ask: The kind of companies in your industry and function that they have alums in and if possible any tips on what such companies look for in post-MBA roles.


crossWhat not to ask: % of international students or any such google-able data about the demographics


cool-green-tickWhat to ask: Enquire if there are people with similar backgrounds as yours. If you are really interested (only if you are) should you ask for introductions.


crossWhat not to ask: Whether you will get in


cool-green-tickWhat to ask: What are the typical things that an applicant should keep in mind while applying to that particular school?


crossWhat not to ask: Generic question about groups and activities in the college campuses.


cool-green-tickWhat to ask: Specific groups and activities that might be of interest to a candidate like you.


Now that you are all set to go, get going on that list of questions you want answered at MBA info-sessions.


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