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Last updated on April 21st, 2016

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The CrackVerbal MBA Summit took place on the 10th of April at the Nahar Heritage Hotel in Bangalore. This much-awaited event kicked off with close to 150 MBA aspirants who came with a lot of questions on their mind.


Every event has a purpose and the MBA Summit had one too- Read on to find out what happened!


Life and Careers after an MBA


The event began with a panel discussion on ‘Life and careers after MBA’. The panel comprised of 4 panelists from diverse industry backgrounds representing the 4 major post- MBA careers: finance, marketing, operations and consulting.


Read on for a few sound-bytes from each of them!


panel 1


Pradyot Anand | Sr. Manager of Business development at Dell | ISB


Pradyot has a total of over 12 years’ professional experience in general management, management consulting and technology functions.


Here’s what Pradyot had to say –
“It’s very important that you explore your own network and that you do not rely solely on the B-school’s placements to do the work for you. Even though I got offers from abroad, I decided to work in India as I was more focused on my short-term goals rather than long-term goals.”


Shrikant Singh| Sr. Category Manager at Amazon | ISB


Shrikant has 7 years of professional experience. He is a Category Manager for Pets Supplies and Grocery at Amazon India.


Here’s what he had to say –
“A lot of us think that because we get into ISB, we’re rockstars. The reality is that once you’re in, you need to focus on surviving and standing out amidst your competition, every single day of the year. And when it comes to taking up a job, don’t look only at the monetary benefits. Even if a job doesn’t pay much but the job role excites you, go for it!”


Sannidhi Jhala | Area Key Accounts Manager at Coca-Cola Beverages | ISB


Sannidhi has 8 years of professional experience in Marketing. She independently handles the key accounts and business expansions for a few regions for Coke India. Sannidhi has a major in Marketing from ISB.


Sannidhi says –
“You can change your career objectives during your MBA- I changed from wanting to do Operations to getting into Marketing. At the end of the day, if you’re able to project your interest clearly in your resume, then you’ve made it. I wanted to clearly project my interest in marketing. I used to participate in competitions and clubs during my MBA to substantiate my interest with my experience.”


Naveen Kaushik Rajan | Investment Associate at Small case | NUS


Naveen has 9 years of professional experience in the Finance domain. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has an MBA degree from National University of Singapore.


Here’s what he had to say-
“Understand your expectations well in advance so that your MBA is aligned with your post career goals. Do you look at brand or growth when choosing an MBA program? You may get into a top B-school, but ultimately growth matters. It’s always better to look at the larger picture- where do you want to see yourself 3 years down the line. Choose your program with the career you expect to see yourself in.”


All the panelists agreed that when it comes to your MBA Applications, your story and your pitch matter. And probably the most important thing you need to possess is clarity of thought!


MBA for Technology Professionals


Next on the plate was quite an interesting session. We had Sudhakar Kuckian, Purdue Krannert alumnus and Senior Director at Neo Group, brief us on how an MBA can help technology professionals.


Here is the crux of what Sudhakar had to say –

“If you want to continue as a coder, data analyst and scientist, it is best to do a Master’s Degree. If you want to move to the business side of the picture, MBA helps give a diverse look to your career.
There are a lot of new courses in technology that are coming up as part of MBA programs. B-schools like Harvard, Stern are looking at adding new courses as part of their program.”

Why choose a Global MBA program over Indian MBA?

The next session on the ‘Value of a Global MBA’ was taken by Rakshit Kejriwal, an alumnus of the prestigious Columbia university and co-founder of the start-up DropKaffe.
To quote him, ‘The main reason why people choose a global MBA is because of cultural diversity and global exposure. However, a huge advantage which you will realise better post your MBA is that a global MBA has a strong alumni network. Aim at the Top 20 schools for a global MBA. It’s not just about brand value. If you need a job tomorrow, you will have a strong network to fall back on.”
He also spoke about ‘How to finance your MBA’. “Finance is important but should never be a showstopper. Other than scholarships, some B-schools offer student loans at really low interest rates and repayment only when you start working.”, he said.
Finally, he spoke about the difference between a 1 year and 2 year MBA programme.
“If you’re branching from tech to business or finance to marketing, it’s better you do a 2 year MBA. Companies consider your profile relevant only when you have work experience and 2 year MBA programmes give you a chance to intern after your first year. Don’t look at finishing your MBA quickly- make a prudent choice. If you’re looking at accelerated growth, a 1 year MBA is good enough.”

MBA students of 2017- Journey and Strategies

The second panel discussion with CrackVerbal students Rituparna, Sachin Kumar, Aayam Ankan and Rakshaki was quite informative. Rituparna and Aayam are going to ISB this April, while Sachin and Rakshaki are headed for Terry and IIM-B respectively. Each one had a personal story and experience to share.
Sachin bagged a full scholarship at Terry with a 700 on the GMAT. How? He was the moderator for an online football forum that was very popular on the web. His story and the way he showcased it got him there. Quite interesting! Talking about his GMAT experience, he said “GMAT is a standardized test of readiness for MBA more than intelligence. Don’t rush. Take time and prepare.”
Rituparna stood out on his essays with a profile of a failed venture on a biking adventure.
“You should build your profile gradually. Impressing your Adcom doesn’t mean you join an NGO because you need an interesting story. There must be value attached and some significance to yourself. Whether you have a positive or a failed venture- it should be one that impacts you and has a story to tell”, he said.
Aayam said, “Take more responsibility at work. Approach your manager for different roles and responsibilities. This way you are already proving your skills to the school. It also adds to the leadership and initiator factor.”
Rakshaki added, “It’s always better to get your LOR from your immediate supervisor and advisable to be honest with your supervisor about your MBA, but that differs from person to person. Also, when it comes to financing your MBA, provided you have reasons you can validate, write to B-schools about your need for financial aid.”

MS vs. MBA

As the event drew to a close, the last session was taken by Deepak Mohan and Neeraj who enlightened the crowd with a discussion on ‘Why an MS over MBA?’
Deepak plans to do his MS in IS from Fosters School of Business after getting admits from both Fosters and Carnegie Mellon. He chose an MS IS over an MBA because he felt it was more beneficial in a niche domain like IS.
Neeraj did his MS in Data Analytics from Arizona and completed it in just 9 months. Since he had already done his MBA and was working with IBM, he was more focused on doing his masters in data analytics. He got an L1 visa from IBM to work in US.
The key takeaways from this session were –
• The importance of understanding your expectations and accordingly align your course to your career.
• If you do an MS, you have an OPT period of 1 year, whereas an MBA will grant you less than that. The OPT period gives you enough time to stay in the US and look for a job after your Masters.

Here’s what a few attendees at the event had to say:

“The Summit was a hit and helped me in analyzing various aspects of my career”– Raghunath Reddy
“Thanks for the fantastic session! I must say the entire gamut of MBA Admissions was covered. It’s hard to find such insightful sessions anywhere else.”– Rakshith
“I’m quite impressed by the MBA Summit. It gave me a sense of direction listening to the perspectives of industry experts and admitted students”– John Jose
“The MBA Summit was really useful. Thank you to the entire team at CrackVerbal for making it happen.”– Neelesh Ravi
“The MBA Summit was a success. It was really helpful for beginners like me. Thanks for creating such a nice platform for interaction.”– Archana Gowda
While the event came to a close, a crowd of around 150 satisfied individuals took home real experiences and advice to enrich their MBA journey ahead.
There’s more where all this came from! If an MBA is on your mind, we are here to help.
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