Meet Your Head Mentors

Co-Founder & CEO
Head GMAT Mentor

Arun, co-founder of Crackverbal, brings invaluable insights to your GMAT preparation and MBA admissions journey. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the process, Arun is dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and career goals with personalized guidance and expertise.

Co-Founder & COO
Chief MBA Mentor

Shreekala, Co-Founder and COO of Crackverbal, brings a wealth of experience in MBA and Masters admissions consulting. With a track record of success and a commitment to excellence, Shreekala guides students through the admissions process with personalized support and expertise.

Meet Your GMAT Mentors

Quant & Data Insights Mentor
Head of Academics

Devmitra brings a strong background in mathematics and edtech to her role as a GMAT mentor. With a passion for guiding students toward success, Devmitra provides invaluable support and expertise in GMAT preparation.

Verbal Mentor
Head of Content & Verbal Delivery

Nitha brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to her role as a verbal mentor at Crackverbal. With a background in content writing and extensive experience in teaching English, Nitha is dedicated to helping students excel in verbal communication and critical thinking skills.

Verbal Mentor
Senior Mentor

With over 16 years of experience as a Verbal Ability Trainer, Dipankar is a seasoned expert in GMAT and SAT preparation. His expertise in content development and training for verbal faculties has guided over 2,000 students towards success in their GMAT, SAT, and CAT exams. As a dedicated mentor at Crackverbal, Dipankar brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for empowering students on their academic journeys.

Meet Your MBA Mentors

Actor & Management Consultant
Haas-Berkeley Alum

Vaisakh, a seasoned management consultant with McKinsey & Company experience and a prestigious MBA from Berkeley-Haas, brings expertise in driving transformation and innovation across industries.

Principal Product Manager
ISB Alum

Gautham, boasting over 8 years in product management and a tech background, offers a unique perspective on MBA applications. Tailored guidance and support await as he helps unlock your potential, crafting an innovative and insightful MBA journey.

Managing Director

Indradeep, a leading executive pay consultant, brings multi-disciplinary HR leadership experience to MBA application guidance. With insights honed in corporate governance and strategy, he ensures your MBA journey is impactful and rewarding.

Business Development Director
NUS Alum

Amit, blending enterprise sales and solution architecture expertise, offers tailored guidance for MBA success. Craft your dynamic MBA path with Amit, ensuring each step aligns with your ambitions.

Principal Product Manager
Kellogg Alum

Visha, a Principal PM at Microsoft, blends product strategy and AI expertise to guide your professional journey. Backed by insights and collaboration, let Visha ensure excellence in every decision.

Strategy Manager
Ivey Alum

Rahul, a Walmart Canada Senior Strategy Manager, combines diverse international experience with a passion for creativity. Whether navigating business landscapes or exploring artistic pursuits, Rahul offers innovative solutions and strategic excellence.

Product Manager
Queen's Alum

Vishwaprakash, a Mediaocean Senior Product Manager, brings over nine years of expertise in product strategy. With certifications and proficiency in data analysis tools, Vishwaprakash optimizes product strategies for successful outcomes.

Vice President and Divisional Manager
IIM-A Alum

Guha Prasad, a Northern Trust Corporation Vice President, specializes in fund accounting and portfolio reconciliations. Let Guha guide you through financial management intricacies, ensuring a seamless journey to success.

Business Development Lead
Cambridge Alum

Harish, with a background in business development and investments, offers keen insights and extensive experience. Let Harish guide you through the business world, making your journey enlightening and rewarding.

Mixologist & Strategy Consultant
ISB Alum

Abhik, with diverse experience spanning mixology to operations, offers guidance backed by an ISB MBA. Navigate career choices and personal development with purpose and excitement alongside Obhi.

Commerce Specialist
Ross Alum

Anuj, boasting extensive marketing experience across sectors, offers a friendly and unique perspective. With global projects and prestigious accolades under his belt, Anuj is here to navigate your MBA journey with confidence and clarity.

Head of New Initiatives
Tuck Alum

Ankur, blending e-commerce and operations expertise, offers practical wisdom with a down-to-earth approach. Let Ankur guide you through an enriching MBA journey tailored to your needs, filled with insights and guidance.

Product Manager
Kellogg Alum

Ajitesh, a seasoned product manager with innovation at his core, brings a refreshing perspective. With experience from tech startups, Ajitesh crafts your MBA journey with creativity and clarity, ensuring each step feels effortless.