6 Traits Top MBA Programs Look For – #5 Overall Personality

December 26th, 2012

| Last Updated on May 22, 2019

While it’s true that great essays are key elements for a successful application, there is still one degree of separation between your essays and your admit – the interview process! Have you ever pondered the need of personal interviews for MBA, especially when AdComs already have your academic transcripts, GMAT score, and your essays where you have already poured out the best of yourself?
The simple reason is that essays are just written words that do not give a complete picture about you.
Your personality, emotional quotient, presence of mind,  the way you carry yourself and even your likeability are factors best assessed in person.

Such is the importance of this trait that the top B-schools in India and abroad have created new and smarter ways to understand your personality!


1. ISB Video Essay:


Apart from its usual 3 written essays, this year ISB has introduced a video essay also wherein the applicants get 90 seconds to talk on the topic, “Life to me is…”
If you think that ISB’s AdCom is keenly interested in listening to your views on life, you are partly mistaken.
The primary purpose of ISB video essay is not to understand what life means to you, but to catch a glimpse of you and hear you talk, even before you get called for an interview! This also means that the ISB AdCom can now eliminate applicants with a ‘spark’-less personality or poor communication skills in the initial stage of the process itself. Your articulation, expressiveness and voice modulation all say a lot about you.
Essentially, AdComs are eager to know whether you are a great communicator with a pleasing body language and have a clear vision about your life ahead. as all these traits are imperative to excel in the business world!

2. Harvard Business School Essays


Harvard Business School (HBS) has also revamped its entire application process, by reducing 4 compulsory essays of 400 to 600 words each to just 2 essays of 400 words each. Secondly, HBS has introduced a post-interview essay of 400 words for those who have been selected for the interview.
The interviewees will be granted just 24 hours to submit their “last word” to Harvard. On one hand this change in the application process has made things more challenging for the applicants, but has also opened new avenue to showcase their personality through a post-interview essay.


3. Wharton Business School’s Team-based Discussion:



Moving away from conventional assessment methods, Wharton Business School is launching a  novel evaluation model this year –
The team-based discussion. Wharton will invite some of the most competent applicants to take part in group discussions (of about 6 participants each) on identifying a solution to a real-world business problem. The conversation will be attended and appraised by trained facilitators from Wharton’s admissions office. This offers their AdCom an excellent way to assess not only the personality but also the business acumen of the candidates.
With the same pattern of admissions year after year, applicants have become used to the standard admissions procedure of essays, recommendations and the personal interview for MBA and very often, prepare well in advance. It’s high time B-schools introduced something new that applicants are not so familiar with and this will help to conduct a fair judgment.
Did you go through the 4th trait top MBA programs look for?
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