How A Perfectly Matched Mentor Led to A Schulich Admit

Amit Choudhary


GMAT Score – 720

Schulich School of Business


When Amit Choudhary prepared for his GMAT on his own, he scored 600.

In his second attempt, which he gave after taking CrackVerbal’s GMAT training, he scored 720.

HUGE jump, isn’t it? Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing – this must be one determined guy and CrackVerbal’s GMAT coaching must be pretty powerful, too!

Of course, his personal experience was enough to convince Amit that CrackVerbal provides an unparalleled advantage. He decided to stick with their services for the applications process as well.

Amit was aware that he had one fairly big disadvantage: he was an Indian Engineer looking to do an MBA from a Canadian business school. That is easily the most over-represented group of individuals seeking MBA admissions around the world.

This brought on a plethora of challenges that CrackVerbal helped Amit get through.


What were Amit’s greatest challenges?

At the very outset, Amit had decided that he did not want to apply to American B-schools. That decision eliminated a large chunk of the options available to him.

After brainstorming and considering the remaining options under the guidance of CrackVerbal’s mentors, Amit zeroed in on a few options. His main targets were the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto and the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

Amit’s post-MBA goal was to become a product manager, which is yet another factor that proves to be a challenge. Most Indian engineering graduates who apply for MBAs abroad have the same career goal. This makes it tougher for Amit’s profile to stand out from among the countless similar ones that AdComs will come across.

It is important for a profile to stand out for it to be considered seriously by a reputed school.

The fact that Amit had a good GMAT score played a huge part in strengthening his application. But that alone would not be adequate to create a lasting impression on the AdCom. The team at CrackVerbal knew this.


How did CrackVerbal help Amit overcome these challenges?

“Amit was very clear about not applying to American B-schools. We spoke to him about the advantages of adding more options to his list of available B-schools, but it was out of the question for him,” says an Admissions Consultant at CrackVerbal.

Taking his preferences into account, the team at CrackVerbal set about identifying the best options for which Amit’s profile would prove to be suitable.

Once the B-school selection was done, it was time to start applying.

“The process of applying to multiple B-schools is rather grueling and a lot can go quite wrong unless you’re prepared for it,” Amit says. “I had never applied even to a single school before, so it was a bit challenging for me to even figure out where to start.”

That’s why CrackVerbal assigns individual mentors to each student for applications guidance.

With the guidance of a mentor who is available to help resolve the specific issues that you may have, the process of applying gets much easier. To make things even better, CrackVerbal tries to ensure that the mentor assigned to you is an alumnus of at least one of the schools you want to apply to.

Mentors make use of their personal experience to help students plan out their application strategies. From scheduling tasks to brainstorming on what to include or keep out of MBA application essays, mentors walk the students through every step of the application process.

When assigning mentors, the student’s post-MBA aspiration is also considered.

“Ideally, we look for a mentor who has a similar career trajectory to our student’s desired trajectory. We try to ensure that the student and mentor can relate to each other and that the mentor’s success helps the student stay motivated,” says Arun.

In Amit’s case, the aspiration was to become a product manager. Since he had a professional and academic background in computer engineering, CrackVerbal assigned to him a mentor who had the same background but was working as a product manager in the UK.

“Even though we were in different time zones, my mentor was very supportive. He knew what the Admission Committees would want, so he could prepare me for it quite effectively. Thanks to him, I got the exact kind of guidance that I was looking for,” says Amit.

Most importantly, Amit’s mentor knew how to make him stand out.

Having been through the same process with the same background and the same aspirations, Amit’s mentor knew what had worked for him. This is very different from having bookish or second-hand knowledge of what generally works for students in similar positions.

Thanks to this, Amit’s mentor was able to guide him in the nuances of perfecting his applications.

As a result, everything about Amit Choudhary’s applications, including his essays, was tailored to provide everything that Admission Committees of most top B-schools would look for.


The Result

After months of focused efforts, Amit submitted his applications to the B-schools of his choice.

Soon enough, Amit Choudhary received an admit into the Schulich School of Business at the York University in Toronto, Canada.


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