National University of Singapore Business School

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National University of Singapore Business School is the B-school division of the National University of Singapor (NUS), and a leading Business School in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region. NUS Business School, as it is called today, was established in 2002, although its history dates back to 1961, when Business Administration was first taught as a subject in the then Department of Economics in NUS.

  • Facts and Figures:

An Overview


[tr][td]Rank[/td] [td]32[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Program Duration[/td] [td]17 Months[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Average Age[/td] [td]30 Years[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Average GMAT Score[/td] [td]656[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Average Work Experience[/td] [td]6 Years[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Program Cost[/td] [td]SGD 62,000[/td][/tr]



  • Recruitment at NUS Singapore :

Here’s a glimpse of some of the employment highlights at NUS :


[tr][td]Mean Salary[/td] [td]SGD 94,434[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Industries that hire[/td] [td]Financial services, consulting, technology, consumer products, manufacturing, [/td][/tr]



  • Apply to NUS Singapore:

The deadlines for the 2018 admissions at have been announced. Mark your calendars for these dates:

Round1 – 31st January, 2018

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Round2 – 31st March, 2018

                     [fergcorp_cdt_single date="31 March 2018"]

  • Essay Topics 2018:

1. Please introduce yourself to your NUS MBA classmates. (300 words)

2. Please answer ONE of the following short essay prompts. (300 words) *
a. I am passionate about…
b. My greatest challenge has been…
c. My biggest failure was …

3. Tell us about your intermediate (5 yrs) post-MBA career goal, describing your industry, function and country of choice and a plan on how you would achieve this goal.(300 words)

Optional Essay: If there is anything else you would like to share with the Admissions Committee that was not covered in your application, please include here (eg. unexplained gaps in work, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance). (150 words)

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