GMAT Live Online Classes: Systemize your Prep

Transform Your Weekends into GMAT Preparation Time
Customized for the New GMAT Focus Edition
Direct Engagement with Expert Tutors
Collaborative Preparation with a Supportive GMAT Peer Group
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GMAT Live Online Classes: Stay Engaged and Inspired

Join our 8-week program with 64 hours of interactive GMAT online live learning that combines lively weekend classes with continuous support and proven strategies.

Step 1:

Build Your GMAT Base

Establish your GMAT foundation with 32 interactive weekend classes, supported by a personalized weekly study plan and mentor guidance.

Step 2:

Sharpen Your GMAT Skills

Enhance your practice with over 1000 official GMAT questions, complete with detailed explanations and peer support.

Step 3:

Evaluate Your GMAT Progress

Assess your readiness with 5 full-length tests, gaining insights through comprehensive reviews and targeted score improvement tactics.

Step 4:

Optimize Your GMAT Performance

Participate in advanced sessions for collaborative learning and mentor discussions to refine your performance.

Step 5:

Finalize Your GMAT Strategy

Prepare for test day with expert advice on time management, educated guessing, and effective test-taking strategies to maximize your performance.

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Is the GMAT Live Online Classes Right for You?

Tailored for those who thrive in interactive and community-driven learning environments, our GMAT Live Classes program is specially suited for:

Weekend Learners

Ideal for those who prefer to dedicate their weekends to GMAT prep, balancing study with weekday commitments.

Community-Driven Students

Perfect if you excel in a collaborative learning atmosphere, gaining motivation and insights from peers as well as mentors.

Crackverbal's Wall of Love ❤️

GMAT Prep: Humanizing the Learning Experience

Beyond the Algorithm: Discover a learning path that's as unique as you are.

Understanding You

We delve into your learning process, using insights to tailor a GMAT study plan that works with your learning  style, not against it.

Human Connection

Unlike impersonal GMAT Prep apps, our personalized guidance brings a human touch to your GMAT preparation, providing support that technology alone cannot.

Skill Learning

We don't just teach you to solve GMAT problems; we equip you with the science behind effective problem solving,  leading to enhanced scores.

Meet the Mentors Behind Your Success

Our mentors are seasoned experts committed to guiding you through every step of the MBA admissions process.

Arun Jagannathan
Strategist & Problem-Solver
Head GMAT Coach
Shreekala Kurup
Listener & Motivator
Head MBA Coach
Devmitra Sen
Catalyst & Confidante
Quant & Data Insights Mentor
Nitha Jayachandran
Writer & Advisor
Verbal Mentor
Dipankar Biswas
Pathfinder & Catalyst
Verbal Mentor

Real Stories, Real Success, Real You

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

What does the 3-month GMAT Live Classes program entail?

Our GMAT Live Classes program spans 3 months, featuring interactive weekend sessions. Alongside these live classes, you’ll have access to our online portal for continuous learning and practice.

How are the live classes structured, and what can I expect in these sessions?

The weekend classes are designed for group interaction and engagement, focusing on key GMAT concepts. You’ll learn alongside your cohort, benefiting from the dynamics of group study and expert instruction.

What resources are available to me in addition to the weekend live sessions?

Apart from live classes, you'll have full access to our comprehensive online portal. It includes study materials, practice quizzes, and video lessons for self-paced study during the week.

How does learning in a cohort benefit my GMAT preparation?

Studying with a cohort keeps you motivated and disciplined. It encourages collaborative learning and provides a support system, enhancing your overall preparation experience.

What is the focus of the homework and practice during the week?

Homework is tailored to reinforce what you learn during the weekend classes. It focuses on applying concepts, practicing questions, and improving weak areas for well-rounded GMAT prep.

Can I interact with instructors outside of the live class sessions?

Yes, instructors are accessible for questions and guidance outside class hours. We ensure you have the support you need throughout the week, not just during live sessions.

What success stories are there from students who’ve taken the GMAT Live Classes

Many of our Live Classes students have achieved impressive GMAT scores. Visit our Success Stories page to see how the structure and support of this program have led to their success.

What is the refund policy if I find the Live Classes program isn’t the right fit for me?

We believe in the effectiveness of our Live Classes, but if you feel it’s not the right fit, we offer a discussion regarding refund options. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.

Can I study GMAT online?

Absolutely! Our GMAT Live Online Classes offer a flexible and comprehensive online learning environment where you can engage in real-time with instructors and peers during the weekends, supplemented by our rich online resources for self-paced learning during the week.

What sets Crackverbal apart from other GMAT prep providers?

Crackverbal stands out by offering a personalized approach to GMAT prep, focusing on human interaction and understanding. Our program is tailored to meet individual learning styles, supported by expert mentors and a community-driven environment.

Can Crackverbal assist with GMAT registration and application process?

While our main focus during the duration of this program is on GMAT preparation, our experienced mentors can provide guidance on the GMAT registration. Once you are done with this, you can opt to connect with our application mentors to help streamline your journey to MBA admission.

Ready to Begin Your Unique Journey?