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3 Factors that GMAT accepting B-schools Want to See in your Profile!

Top B-schools that admit through the GMAT decided that to see potential and future leadership, they could look at 3 broad things:



Academic Potential:

1. What are your GMAT Scores – including your split in Quant & Verbal?
2. What is the reputation of your Undergrad school & the course that you took? (They have a pretty good idea of the Indian educational system so don’t worry!)
3. What was your GPA over the entire course? (including any upticks such as – moving from a lower GPA in the 1st year to a higher GPA by the last year)
4. Did you take any MOOCs? Did you write any other professional exams? Do you have any certifications?

Leadership & Diversity:

1. At work have you done anything inspirational?
2. Outside work have you been involved in anything? It could be anything – ranging from volunteer work at NGOs to your own startup ideas.
3. Do you come from a disadvantaged background? Do you have any interesting experiences? Have you travelled? Do you know how to mix cocktails? In short – anything that makes you interesting?>
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Clarity of thought & Personality:

1. What are your short term goals?
2. Why should we select you?
3. Why do you want to do an MBA to reach there?

4. Why did you pick our institute to do an MBA?


If you have a good answer to the above questions then you have made it to Harvard  –  WhartonStanford – you name it.


The good news is that some of the Indian schools such as the rong>ISB have been started after the same model. So once you take the GMAT you realize that it is ONE among the several inputs they take to make an overall assessment of your candidature.

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