GMAT Online Whiteboard: How to Effectively Prepare for Online GMAT

GMAT Online Whiteboard

Every GMAT aspirant now knows that they can take the GMAT online exam. When the GMAC announced that GMAT aspirants can take the exam from the comforts of their homes, as an alternative to test centres, we at CrackVerbal were really happy. However, we did not realize that our students will have to forget their scratchpads and use the GMAT online whiteboard which you may already know is being dreaded by most students.

Now, as a GMAT aspirant, what will you do?

Will you defer your GMAT exam until you can take it in a test centre?

But the fact is that we really do not know when all the test centres might open next, right? And it might be a long wait until then.

So, we are here now to tell you all about the online GMAT whiteboard – the tools on it, how you can learn to use the whiteboard and also help you to avoid mistakes while using it on the exam day. This article should help you gain more confidence in using the latest addition to the GMAT exam.

Aren’t you feeling a little relieved already? 

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If you go through this article, you will realize that you still have an opportunity to apply for an MBA this year. You can thank us later.

So, here’s what we will be discussing in this article on how you can effectively use the online whiteboard:

      1. What are the tools on the GMAT online whiteboard?

      2. How to prepare to use the online whiteboard?

      3. How to use the GMAT online whiteboard during the GMAT online exam?

      4. What are the challenges you will face while using the online whiteboard?

Let’s look at how you can use the GMAT online whiteboard effectively in 2021.

1. What are the tools on the GMAT online whiteboard

We know that the GMAT is a serious examination and we completely understand the amount of pressure you will experience (Some of you might be cool as a cucumber) during the GMAT online exam.

With the new GMAT online whiteboard around, let’s give you a simple tip that will help you relax. Remember using “Paint” on your Windows desktop when you were a child? Just look at the GMAT online whiteboard in the same manner. Even the tools on the online whiteboard resemble that on Paint!

For instance, you have a pencil that works just like the pencil tool on the Paint. And then, of course, the eraser.

Let us take you through the tools on the online whiteboard provided by here.

So here’s something we would like to tell you – Don’t panic all that much about using the new online whiteboard. You used the Paint to draw and colour when you were probably 5 years old. Why be scared to use a similar tool now?

If you would like to get a brief description of the functions of the tools on the online whiteboard, you can check out the infographic below:

Tools Tool Name Tool Purpose
Pencil Pencil Use the tool to write or draw text on the GMAT online whiteboard. Don’t forget to set your preferred size and colour!
Eraser Eraser Clear all the unnecessary content from the GMAT online whiteboard. You can set your preferred eraser size as well.
Line Line Draw lines easily with this tool. Select the type of line on the GMAT online whiteboard and even set the thickness.
Rectangle Rectangle Create boxes and even grids
Circle Circle Draw circles easily with this tool.
Text Text Draw a textbox and add notes in it. Maybe even create your pacing chart with it!
Free Shape or Polygon Free Shape/Polygon Draw shapes of your choice.
Move or Pan Move/Pan Use the tool to move anything across the GMAT online whiteboard
Color dropper Color Selection/Eyedropper Choose and drop the colour of your choice. Play around with the colours when you practice on the GMAT online whiteboard.
Stroke or Text Colour Stroke/Text colour Maybe use the tool to mark some text in red. Choose the text colour of your choice.
Fill colour Fill Colour Colour the shapes you created on the GMAT online whiteboard.
Background Colour Background Colour Change the background colour of the GMAT online whiteboard
Undo or Redo Undo/Redo Undo the changes or mistakes you made. Or maybe redo what you accidentally removed.
Zoom In or Zoom Out Zoom In/Out Take a closer look at any area on the GMAT online whiteboard by Zooming In or even have an overall view by Zooming Out.
Clear Clear Clear all the content on the whiteboard
Close Close Don’t want to use the whiteboard for now? Close it.

We are sure of one thing: Out of all the given tools on the whiteboard, you will end up using the pencil and text tools the most.

In the upcoming sections, we are definitely going to tell you how to use the tools on the whiteboard.

2. How to practice using online whiteboard

We know that your first question might be, “Can we practice using the online whiteboard before we give the GMAT online exam?”

The answer is “YES”.

We looked around to find the best alternative to the online whiteboard available so that you can practice and be well prepared for your GMAT online exam.

And guess what?

We found it! Literally “Canvas” is an open-source that will help you prepare to use the online whiteboard easily on the exam day. 

P.S. This online whiteboard has all the tools that you will find on the GMAT online whiteboard.

You can also use the whiteboard provided on the website if you’d prefer that.

Now, don’t let the online whiteboard make you feel overwhelmed. We are here to guide you on how to use it.

In fact, in the video given below, we will be showing you how to specifically make use of the whiteboard in each GMAT online exam section.

  Now here’s a suggestion: Use the online whiteboard as you prepare for the GMAT from home now
  so that you can easily use it when you take the GMAT online exam.

3. How to use GMAT online whiteboard during the GMAT online Exam

If you have already taken the GMAT exam (Well… before the online GMAT exam was introduced), you know that you have to constantly keep shifting your eyes from the screen to the scratchpad.

The online whiteboard solves that issue for you – You get to focus on the question more as the whiteboard is also on the same screen.

So, are you now thinking about how you will be able to see the questions if the online whiteboard is on the same screen?

You can open the whiteboard and close it whenever you feel like and even resize it and keep it in a corner when you are looking at the questions!

That should solve your problem.

Watch the video below to completely understand how to use the online whiteboard while taking your GMAT online exam.

Now, let us make it even easier for you to remember.

Here are six tips to effectively use the GMAT online whiteboard:

  1. Open and close it based on your preference
  2. Place or move the online whiteboard on the screen
  3. Type on the whiteboard using your keyboard
  4. Draw on the online whiteboard using your computer mouse
  5. Alter the size of the whiteboard
  6. Clean content on the online whiteboard when you want to

Please do not forget that you have to clean the content on the whiteboard manually. It does not disappear on its own after each question.

4. What are the challenges you will face while using the online whieboard

Now that you have a lot of clarity on how to use the online whiteboard, let us just tell you about a few challenges that you will face while using it and also when you are taking the GMAT online exam.

Here’s the first thing that you should know: The online whiteboard will not be set to your preferences when you start taking the GMAT online exam.

What can you do about this?

Simple. Start using the online whiteboard as soon as the test starts (You cannot use it before that) and set your preferences – adjust the pencil size, eraser size, draw the pacing chart, etc.

Now, coming to the second thing.

You might find it difficult to use the whiteboard if you are using your laptop’s (If you are using a laptop) touchpad/trackpad.

We suggest that you make use of an external mouse to avoid any last-minute trouble.

And of course, you can use your keyboard to type the text on the board.

Want to know about the challenges you might face while attempting each section on the GMAT online exam. Watch the video below:

  Note: If you have a touchscreen laptop, you cannot use a stylus, your finger or other writing apparatus to write on the
  GMAT online whiteboard.

  You cannot use the GMAT online whiteboard by connecting a writing tablet or pad to the laptop.
  You also cannot use dual monitors.

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

We really hope that our in-depth video snippets helped you get an idea of how the online whiteboard looks and also helped you understand how you can practice and use it.

You can watch the webinar we conducted on How to Use the GMAT Online Whiteboard: A Detailed Guide here:

The only advice we would like to give you here is that the more you practice using the online whiteboard, the better your experience will be on the day of the GMAT online exam.

Latest updates on the GMAT whiteboard

GMAT aspirants were never really happy with the online whiteboard that they had to use to take the GMAT online exam. Probably due to this, the GMAC has now given options to the test takers – use the GMAT online whiteboard or use a physical whiteboard or make use of both when taking the online exam! 

But, if you are procuring a physical whiteboard for your GMAT exam, please make sure that it matches the specifics mentioned below:

i. It has to be an erasable whiteboard

ii. The size of the whiteboard should be no more than 12 inches by 20 inches

iii. The test-taker has to use a dry-erase marker

iv. The test-taker has to have a marker eraser

And if you are unsure of where you can make the purchase from, please write to and we will help you out with a few useful links.

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FAQs – GMAT online whiteboard

Does GMAT allow scratch paper?

Yes. If you are taking the GMAT at a test center, you are allowed to use scratch paper. But if you are taking the GMAT online exam, you can use the GMAT online whiteboard, a physical whiteboard, or both, depending on your convenience.

What is GMAT whiteboard?

GMAT whiteboard is a virtual board on which you can type text and draw shapes. You can use this as an online scratchpad while taking the GMAT online exam.

How long will GMAT be online?

The Graduate Management Admissions Council has made the GMAT online exam a permanent solution for GMAT aspirants. They have also announced a few changes that they will be bringing about in the online version of the exam after 08 April 2021.

How can I practice using GMAT online whiteboard?

You can get used to the GMAT online whiteboard tools by practicing using this open-source: Literally “Canvas”. The features that they have provided are very similar to the ones that you will find on the GMAT online whiteboard.

What kind of a physical whiteboard can I use?

You can use an erasable physical whiteboard of no more than 12 inches by 20 inches in size. You can use a dry-erase marker to write on the physical whiteboard.