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Learn How Amit Increased his GMAT Score from 600 to 720

Amit Choudhary

Name: Amit Choudhary

GMAT Score: 720

First Attempt: No

Meet Amit Choudhary; currently working at Extreme Networks as a Software Development Lead. Amit had always harbored a dream of pursuing an MBA, and on his first GMAT attempt, he studied on his own and appeared for the GMAT exam.

Unfortunately, it was not as he expected. Sad but not discouraged, he decided to take up the GMAT course and he chose CrackVerbal. In his second attempt, he scored 720 on his GMAT! We are here to share his insightful story with you.

“I liked the idea of leveraging my technical expertise in a Product Manager role.”

Amit’s decision to pursue an MBA was two-fold. First, he wanted to become a Product Manager, and secondly, it is because of his motivating friend circle. Amit cited that many of his friends were already in top B-schools around the world. He felt motivated and dedicated his time in self-study to appear for the GMAT exam.

However, his first attempt did not go as planned.

“I scored 600, and believe me, it was the worst feeling.”

But it did not deter him away from his dreams. Coming out of the test center, he called his friend, who had scored a 760 in GMAT. It was this friend who suggested Amit to take up a GMAT Prep Course at CrackVerbal.

“CrackVerbal was a game-changer for me.”

After joining CrackVerbal, Amit realized his mistakes in his previous attempt. He recalled his mistake of not practicing the original mock question papers until one week before his first GMAT exam.

Upon speaking with the mentors at CrackVerbal, he realized that he lacked direction for his GMAT preparations. With CrackVerbal, Amit received complete guidance on the books and materials to follow, techniques to use, and time management strategies while preparing for the mock test and official GMAT exam.

Regarding his preparations, Amit also credits his mentor Kaushal, an Oxford graduate and currently working in the United Kingdom as a product manager. It suited Amit perfectly because being a product manager was also his post-MBA goal. Amit praised his mentor for being incredibly supportive and dedicated towards his GMAT preparations even though they faced different time zones.

Beyond his preparation, Amit spoke to our founder and GMAT expert Arun Jagannathan about selecting B-schools. Amit also talked to his friends who were currently studying in some of the best B schools worldwide and finally selected Scheller College of Business.

A culmination of hard work and determination resulted in Amit securing a 720 in his second attempt at the GMAT examination. It helped Amit realize that if you have a goal, and you are determined and hopeful about it, you will achieve it nevertheless. Also, making the right choices, in his experience, taking up the GMAT prep course at Crackverbal!

 “Focus on the official mocks.”

Speaking from his experience, Amit suggests all GMAT aspirants not to book their official test unless they get a 700 plus in their mock test. Also, he said that every aspirant should focus on the official mocks and attempt them as if they are attempting the actual GMAT exam. It will help them assess their progress and help them understand their strength and weakness.

Addressing his journey, Amit mentioned that he would get demotivated many times. He would then read several success stories of different GMAT applicants, pushing himself to do even better. He also advised aspirants to focus on all the questions equally and work on their weaknesses to improve themselves.

Lastly, he advised aspirants that a good GMAT score is a benchmark to get admissions in top B schools worldwide, but that is not the only reason. He also suggested that they focus on their applications, essays, and interviews and hope to receive the B-school admission call of their choice.

Battling despair and hopelessness, Amit surpassed many obstacles to obtain a stellar mark in his GMAT exam and moved closer to his ambition. We hope his story also helped you remain steadfast on your path. For your reference, we are also linking Amit’s video below.

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