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3 Quick Ways to Kickstart Your Preparation for GRE

Kickstart GRE prep

Now that you have made plans to start your GRE preparation, you will also realize that there are tons of distractions coming your way – right from IPL to your friend’s party this week.

Don’t worry – we know how students think which is why we got a way for you to sift through all the content out there and distill it in 3 simple, easy and QUICK ways to kick start your GRE preparation.

Step 1: Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of GRE preparation material you have

This is perhaps the biggest culprit that we have found in our interaction with students – they tend to hoard a lot of material (most of it either useless or repetitive) and somehow feel they have to do ALL of it to get a great GRE score. No you don’t! Infact many of our students who have done well on the GRE – scored above 160 out of a possible 170 in both Maths and Verbal have vouched for this fact.

So start with a single word-list of around 500 words or so. CrackVerbal has a great word list that in our research we found to be tested MOST often on the GRE. Apart from that consider buying the ETS Official Preparation book for the GRE and supplement it either with other GRE preparation books or join a course such as this.

That’s it! Now get your nose to the grindstone and start studying!

Step 2: Have a clear GRE date in mind – don’t study and plan for the exam later

If you ask most students studying for the GRE, they will probably conjure imaginary dates such as “Once I am done with the word list”, or “Once Bittu Bhaiyya’s wedding gets over” etc. That imaginary date, well, remains just that – imaginary!

If you want to action on your plan then you need to have an end-date in mind. This is the first rule of goal setting – having a target to hit. How long should you take? A conservative estimate based on our experience is 3 months. So add another 2 weeks to it and book a date roughly 16 weeks from now. That will give you all the time to prepare for the GRE Exam! Read our article here on how to register for the test. It is pretty simple and you need to remember just a few guidelines for what you need to do on your GRE test date.

So go ahead and book the date now. As the Nike ad says “Just do it!”

Step 3: Have a clear GRE Plan that tracks your preparation on a day to day basis

Okay! So you have made sure you have just the material you need to score great on the GRE AND have booked the test date. But not sure what to do next? Worry not! You just need a clear GRE study plan that is customized to meet your needs. Do you know that if you mail us at CrackVerbal we will help you with a custom study plan?

Yes the plan needs to take into account the number of weeks you have left for the GRE test, your current GRE preparation level, and your target GRE score. Once you have the plan, you take a printout of it and stick it next to your study desk so you can look at it while studying (and get motivated too!).

It always works this way – once you start a plan you will feel charged up to complete it. It is the most simple and painfree way for you to start taking action!

Okay so now that you know the three tips – do you want to get started right away? If you think there is anything that you need, please mail us at Crackverbal and we are happy to help you.

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