Everything you need to know about the new GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR) in 2018

ESR – The acronym ESR stands for ‘Enhanced Score Report’. The ESR is a report which gives an in-depth analysis of a test taker’s performance on the GMAT. However, the ESR is not an alternative to the official score which a student receives on completion of the test. It can be used in conjunction with […]

7 Practical & Effective Tips on How To Prepare for the GRE

All you need to know about the shorter GMAT pattern starting April 16th 2018

  On 3rd, April 2018, GMAC announced some major changes to the GMAT test timing and to the number of questions you’re going to be having in both Quant and Verbal. The new GMAT exam will be shorter by 30 minutes from April 16th, 2018.   Here is a quick overview of the changes:   […]

All you need to know about the GRE Reading Comprehension

Honestly, tell us…when was the last time you read something excruciatingly boring and didn’t doze off?   You’re probably thinking, “Right now! When I solve the GRE Reading Comprehension passages!!”   We completely get it!   Reading about topics that you have absolutely no interest in, and moreover when you don’t understand squat – it […]

GRE RC Practice Passages

Below are 6 practice passages that include the various question types.   Give it your best shot, and if you are stuck – please leave a comment below and we will get back to you 🙂   Good luck!   Passage 1 :   Since the Hawaiian Islands have never been connected to other land […]

CrackVerbal’s Comprehensive Study Material to Prepare for the GMAT

With the plethora of GMAT Study Material out there, how do you pick the right the GMAT prep material for you?   And how updated are you with the changes in the GMAT syllabus, and if the material you are currently using is not outdated?   You cannot be too careful.   If you are […]

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9 GMAT Practice Test Tips You Need To Know Right Now!

“If you don’t know where you are, then you can’t get to where you want to go.”   Simulation exams a.k.a Practice tests are one of the most important elements for your GMAT preparation plan.   Every practice test you take brings you one step closer to getting a similar question right on the actual […]

Decoding the GMAT Scoring Algorithm – A Cheatsheet

Learn smart ways to exploit the GMAT Scoring Algorithm and optimize your preparation! A lot of our students have been asking us: “How does the GMAT algorithm work? What do people mean when they say Q49 V36?” “With the same scores in each section, why are the overall scores for my friend and I, different?” […]

The Comprehensive Guide to GRE Exam Preparation 2017-18

 Is GRE Preparation on your mind all the time? Then you already know that there are tons of free resources out there. The sad part? Everything looks so confusing and overwhelming.   If you were wishing for a page that will keep it simple for you, and give you a clear path to crack it […]

An Insight into Understanding the Profile of a Typical ISB Candidate

Are you curious to know what will it take to get into ISB?   Or maybe you are wondering, “how do I enhance my profile to get an admission to ISB?”   Perhaps you want to know the kind of placements offered at ISB? And whether it fits your career goals?   Well, fret not. […]