Kakoli Sanyal

Score: 710

First Attempt: No

“I gave the test for the first time but I didn’t get a good score. I think you need some strategies to solve the questions in the given amount of time. CrackVerbal courses will teach you all those strategies to ace the test.”

Why did you want to pursue an MBA?

There are a lot of things which probably require more decision-making abilities and better management skills which I lacked. So either I could develop these skills by working for a few more years or pursue a professional course. That is the reason an MBA came to my mind.

Were there any specific schools you were targeting?

I was looking for an MBA course in India and my first choice was ISB.

How did you go about your GMAT preparation?

Like everybody, I looked it up online. I googled about what the GMAT is all about, the format, on what basis an individual is tested, etc. Then I started preparing using the official guide which I found online. Initially, I was preparing all by myself just by referring to the official guide. I completely followed a practice-oriented approach for my prep which was unstructured. I would just pick up a book and practice the questions in it. After which I took up a practice test on their official sites to understand where I actually stood. So that is how my prep went about in the initial stages.

How did you learn about CrackVerbal?

When I was doing my practice tests I was quite comfortable. But when I gave the exam, I didn’t get a good score. I think that is because I lacked time management skills. When I was giving my exam I was extra cautious and was taking a lot of time to submit each answer. I was ensuring and cross-checking each answer before submitting them. So I guess that took away a lot of time in the quant section. That is when I realized I was not confident about my preparation. I had anyway already practiced everything from the book and I didn’t know what else to do. I had watched a few webinars by CrackVerbal and that’s how I got to know them. Then I approached the CrackVerbal team and told them where I stood and I wanted to score better. CrackVerbal gives you the exact way to deal with exams like the GMAT because it is not an easy exam like we take up in school. 

Did you follow any strategy while preparing for your GMAT?

During the online sessions too, my main focus was only on quant. When I was taking up these online courses from CrackVerbal I learned new strategies and ways to deal with the questions. I was solving every question in any random way I knew which was absolutely not a structured approach. But they made me realize that every type of question had a different approach. What I understand from the sessions with CrackVerbal is how each type of question is approachable in a given limited amount of time. The key to scoring high on the GMAT exam is getting the timing right because each question has to be answered in less than 2 minutes. There is no scope of taking your own time and then finishing them. Because you will be running out of time and you will not be able to finish all the questions on the test. So, having these strategies in mind to finish it within 2 minutes is what I learned from CrackVerbal sessions.

What would your message be for those who are preparing for the GMAT?

Instead of preparing on your own using the official GMAT guide and randomly practising, it is better to take up somebody’s guidance. Because you will know the right way to approach the problems. The ability to solve the questions on time will not be achieved just by practising by yourselves. Hence CrackVerbal played a major role in this process.