Priyanka Sondur

Score: 324

First Attempt:

A place like CrackVerbal has both dedication and focus. I cracked the GRE with the tips and tricks provided by CrackVerbal, which if I have studied on my own I wouldn't have realized. Thank you CrackVerbal:)
When did you give your GRE?

I gave my GRE in 2017 in the month of September and scored 324. I got an admit in Schulich School of Business, which is a part of York University in Toronto.

Can you tell us about your background?

My background is in economics. I did my bachelor in economics, mathematics, and statistics and in 2011, I did my masters in econometrics, post which I joined TCS BaNCS as a market researcher and strategist for their pre-sales team. With CrackVerbal’s worksheets, study plans and forums and all of that, I was able to put in the hours, be dedicated about it, do the homework that was given and really motivate and push myself to study for it.

How did CrackVerbal help you?

Regardless of your educational background and how confident you feel, a place like CrackVerbal will instil dedication and focus. You can be smart but honestly, dedication and focus is all you need. The nice thing about CrackVerbal is that they gave a lot of tips and tricks to crack the exam, which I may not have realized if I was studying on my own. I would have probably solved a particular question without, say, eliminating choices, because it is hardwired in my mind to do a particular question in a particular way. It’s not about learning how to do time and distance problems or anything like that, it’s about really knowing how to crack it in the most efficient way possible. CrackVerbal helps you do that.

What advice would you give other aspirants?

I’d say whether you score 720 in your GMAT practice tests or 310 in your GRE, I think a course like CrackVerbal’s will be very helpful.