Varun Dixit
Varun Dixit

Score: 650

First Attempt: Yes

CrackVerbal will make you aware of yourself and how different you are from other applicants out there. The experience CrackVerbal has in this field is at par compared to other services I have researched.

What influenced you to pursue an MBA?

I am more interested in being an entrepreneur. When I started a bus services venture during my college days, it taught me a lot of new things that I enjoyed being an entrepreneur. With this, I always had a spark of pursuing my career in an entrepreneurial field. And an MBA would help me become a better entrepreneur in the future.

Was there any particular b-school you applied for?

The top colleges in Europe were my first choice. During my B-School research phase, I got to know that many colleges like ESADE are very good at offering marketing and entrepreneurship subjects in their MBA program. So I targeted two to three colleges in Europe and ended up getting an admit at ESADE. 

How did you come across CrackVerbal?

When I was preparing for my GMAT exam I came across CrackVerbal in various online portals. I was following CrackVerbal’s Youtube channel too where Arun would give a lot of lectures on different aspects of MBA applications and GMAT preparation. The reviews available online were also very good. This gave me the confidence to opt for CrackVerbal. I was done with my GMAT preparation and my exam was in August. So around May, I made up my mind to approach CrackVerbal for my applications.

What do you like about CrackVerbal services?

I got a lot more than what I expected from CrackVerbal counseling sessions. Even before I actually took up their services they helped me a lot with my profile evaluation. They helped me understand that a lot more things about myself can be shown to the colleges in a better way.

Could you tell us about your essay writing process?

I already had my story in place but did not know to present that in front of the admission committee in a way that it would not disinterest them. In this aspect, CrackVerbal helped me a lot.

What are your expectations from ESADE?

ESADE has a very different culture in terms of academics. Their program is structured in a way that would suit any kind of student. It is highly customizable with almost an intake of 150 students every year. So the amount of international exposure you would get is immense. A lot is stressed on marketing, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation learning.

What are your future goals?

Since I already have a venture in the tours and travel sector I was planning to work with some travel agency in Europe for a few years and then move on to start my own venture there. I feel ESADE will really help me out with this.