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Our Students have Made it into the Top Global Schools

CrackVerbal students can be found at top schools like Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, London Business School, ISB & the IIMs to name a few

Our Students have Made it into the Top Global Schools

CrackVerbal students can be found at top schools like Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, London Business School, ISB & the IIMs to name a few

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Our Achievers

I was taken through a self-discovery process of sorts because the nice thing about Arun is that he questions your reasons for doing an MBA. It’s not treated as just an application. You also learn things about yourself which helps bring more perspective.

Sudhanshu Dutta

Cambridge Judge Business School

CrackVerbal has a good history of placing students in the top 10 B-schools. CrackVerbal helped me bring everything together to make a sensible storyline which helped me get admits into multiple schools such as Ross School of Business and London Business School.

Sankalp Damani

University of Virginia, Darden School of Business

I was confused when it came to selecting B-schools but CrackVerbal helped me select and apply to the B-schools that were best suited for me based on my work experience and profile. They also put me in touch with alumni from my target B-schools.

Adithya Pandanda

HEC Paris

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Here are the answers to a few questions you may have!

Are there any requirements to apply?

The most common entry criteria for both MBA & MS include a standardized assessment test (GMAT or GRE), documented experience in higher management positions, undergraduate and/or graduate academic records & a few letters of recommendations. Your work experience is a plus & many top schools have recently introduced this as a requirement.

How much does my professional experience weigh in the admission process?

Your current employment with high-level skills & responsibilities is usually an essential part of your application. Both Masters Programs & Business Schools may be interested in your profile & competitiveness in the market as proven by your results in practice.

Although not solid requisites, it’s always a good idea to research a bit about what the schools you are applying for need.

Who should provide my recommendation letters?

You can acquire LoRs for your application for current employers or business peers, members of academia who assisted you during previous studies.

How will CrackVerbal help me with my application?

CrackVerbal works with a host of expert mentors (both in-house & external consultants) who are on the cutting edge of the application process. We will help you with crafting & editing your essays, polishing your LoRs & preparing you for your interviews.

In fact, we have a complete framework around the application process which covers everything you need in order to increase your chances of getting into your dream programs.

Can you help me with selecting the appropriate program?

Absolutely! We usually start with a profile evaluation which helps us determine what programs fit your & your career goals the best. Based on this session, the whole framework is personalized for you.

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