Indian Institute of Management Calcutta PGPEX

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta PGPEX

About the School

The Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C), was the first national institute for Post-Graduate studies and Research in Management. The institution was created in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Government of West Bengal, The Ford Foundation, and Indian industry. Over the years, IIMC has grown into a globally recognized institution by leading candidates in professionalizing Indian management.

An Overview


Class Size

Course Fee (₹)

Course Duration (months)

Average GMAT Score

Average GRE Score

Number Of Participants 1016
Average Age 31
International Participants 28%
Gender 35% (Women)
Average Work Experience 8 Years
Average Salary 27.9 lakhs

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta offers three types of courses:

Post-Graduate courses: Under the post-graduate courses there are four streams.

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management
2. Post Graduate Programme for Executives
3. Post Graduate Programme for Executives for Visionary Leadership in Manufacturing
4. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

Fellow Program: This program is a full-time doctoral program offering advanced studies and research in different specializations related to Management Science. Upon successful completion, the student is awarded a Ph.D. degree, in his/her area of specialization.

The Doctoral Programme has two streams :

1. The Doctoral Programme in Management
2. The Doctoral Programme in Disciplines Related to Management

Executive Education: These courses are designed for quality management education among practicing managers across all levels. These programs equip experienced professionals with powerful knowledge, tools, and resources to tackle the most complex business challenges of today.
The various offerings in Executive Education are as follows:
1. Management Development Programmes
2. Long Duration Programmes
3. Consultancy
4. Research

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Several noteworthy companies in India like Aditya Birla group, Ratan Tata Trust, OP Jindal Engineering & Management Scholarships are offered to deserving students. Even students belonging to SC and ST caste are awarded scholarships sponsored by the Indian Government which is based on their performance at the time of admission.

There are a number of prizes/awards sponsored by the Institute and various organizations for awarding meritorious students on the basis of their first and second-year results. Some prizes are also awarded to students at the Annual Convocation for certain outstanding extracurricular activities on the recommendation of the Institute’s Students’ Council.

  • First Year
  • Second Year
  • Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

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IIM Calcutta’s one-year residential program for executives, MBAEx, witnessed a successful placement season for its thirteenth batch with a top salary of INR 77.60 Lakh. The average salary of the batch stood at INR 26.24 Lakh.

In a batch of 62 students, a total of 64 offers were made to 57 candidates (2 students opted out and 3 students were on sabbatical). Most importantly, 92% of the class had confirmed offers by February 2020.

Campus View – IIM Calcutta

Notable Alumni

Indra Nooyi

Chief Executive Officer of Pepsico

Ramchandra Guha

Indian Writer

Sunil Duggal

Indian entrepreneur

IIM Calcutta MBA Application Process

The latest application requirements set by the IIM Calcutta MBA admission office are described below.

Candidates are to write a Statement of Purpose for the MBA Ex program on:
Essay 1: Why do you want to join the MBA Ex program?

Essay 2:What qualities, experience, and achievements do you have to justify your admission;

Essay 3: What types of jobs and at what level do you expect after the successful completion of MBA Ex?

Word limit: 500 words

Rounds Application Deadlines
Round 1 Aug 30, 2020
Round 2 Oct 31, 2020
Round 3 Jan 1, 2021

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Here is a breakdown as to how to write the recommendation letter for the recommender:

  • Please describe the particular talents, strengths, and weaknesses of the applicant. If you have worked with the applicant on any type of special project, please give an evaluation of his/her performance.
  • Please indicate any favorable or unfavorable indications of the applicant’s leadership potential and his/her ability to do work independently.
  • Please include any additional information that you believe is relevant.

Here are some more tips about the letter of recommendation:
Who can give a recommendation: You will have to provide details of one recommender who can be your reporting manager/ previous manager/ senior colleague/ current client/ previous client/ business partner/ supplier/ auditor etc.

How a letter of recommendation should be written: The recommender should add specific instances/examples of the candidate’s professional work together.

How to send the letter of recommendation: The recommender should send the recommendation from the official email id only. If the recommender does not have an official id – then proof that you reported / or was supervised by this person should be attached.

MBA Essay Analysis – IIM Calcutta

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