Past Webinars

What does it take to get into a Top Business School abroad? How do you crack the interview round? What do Business Schools look for in their MBA applicants?

If you are looking for answers for all of these questions and many more, don’t miss this Free Webinar Series, specially set up to help all those who are applying for Business Schools in 2019.

National University of Singapore Admit, Sarayu Poornima will walk you through her MBA admission journey.

Here’s what will be discussed in the Webinar:

1. Life before an MBA
2. ‘My GMAT prep & MBA- Application Journey’
3. Tips for MBA applications 2019-20
4. Q & A Session

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn, ask and interact about Top B-Schools in the world.

Session Details:
Topic: ‘My MBA Application journey’
Date: 27th July 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 10.30 am
Speaker: Sarayu Poornima, NUS admit

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