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How To Write An Effective MBA Application Essay

Want to write clearly, and persuasively? Here is a 3-point framework to use for writing your MBA Essays (but really it can be used for writing anything!).

1. Pick the right story – big fan of using post-it notes – not just for collecting your thoughts but also “bucketing” it into various phases of your life that you want to talk about

2. Structure it well – organize your ideas for delivery. Very important you focus on this for B-School essays. I am giving out the structure for writing the essays for the top 30 schools in the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqdeq…

3. Write error-free – use tools like
Grammarly: https://app.grammarly.com/ (create a free account)
Text2Speech: https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ (set speed to 0)

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