Past Webinars

Have you ever wondered what a Quant 51 scorer does right during their preparation and on the GMAT test day?

If yes, then we have a webinar just for you!

Join us on Sunday, Sept 8th @ 10.30 am IST for a LIVE, action-packed webinar on “How to score a 51 in GMAT Quant”

During the webinar, our GMAT quant expert Aditya will:

1. Analyze an ESR of a Quant 51 scorer
2. Give an insight into how a Quant 51 scorer thinks with a live review of some advanced GMAT quant questions.
3. Discuss specific traps to avoid in the GMAT quant section.
4. Learn powerful strategies to ensure you score well on the GMAT quant section.

Session Details:
Date: 8th September 2019, Sunday
Time: 10.30 am
Speaker: Aditya Kumar

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