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Most GMAT test takers haven’t thought much about remainders since their days of scratching out the long division in school workbooks.

But on the GMAT quant section, remainders is considered as an important aspect of the larger subjects of divisibility and number properties.

The GMAT loves to play with these ideas and equivalences that require test takers to think abstractly about remainders.

In this webinar our Quant expert Aditya will discuss:

1. The remainder concept and give you an insight into two remainder rules

2. How the GMAT tests you on the application of the remainder concept

3. Where to use equations and where to plug in values.

4. How to solve 700 level remainder questions in under 2 minutes

Session Details:
Date: 29th September 2019, Sunday
Time: 10.30 am
Speaker: Aditya Kumar

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