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The Biggest Secret Of GMAT

Watch this video where Arun Jagannathan unveils the biggest secret that the GMAC has kept from you for all this while!  

3 Things To Learn from a GMAT 760 scorer 

  Watch this video where we disclose the 3 secret "rules" that differentiates a GMAT 760 scorer from the others!  

One Psychological Hack To Ace The GMAT! 

Watch this video where we share a Psychological hack that will help you maximize your productivity towards GMAT prep in the next 2-3 months.  

Conserving your mental energy in RC  

An overall strategy video to help you conserve your mental energy during the day of the GMAT exam.  

The Effective 100 Day GMAT Study Plan

This video will help you structure your GMAT prep by providing you with a proper 100 study plan designed to ace the GMAT.

How to Shortlist the right B-school  

In this video, we talk about how to go about selecting the MBA programs that are best suited for your profile!

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15 Min Guide to GMAT  

In just 15 mins, learn everything you need to know about the GMAT: how to book a test, how to prepare for the GMAT and how to identify the scoring algorithm on the test.

How to select the right B-school 

Get to know the 6 Crucial Factors that you should consider while researching B-schools. 


How to get into a Top B-School Like Harvard Get tips from Raviraj Jain, a Harvard alumnus, on how to write your MBA essays & how to present your profile to the Admission committee.

3 Month Study Plan for the GMAT The 3-month GMAT study plan works with your lifestyle and results in you becoming comfortable with the test questions, timing, and pace.  

Important Grammar Concepts on the GMAT In this guide, you will learn 18 grammar concepts that can help you ace Sentence Correction on the GMAT!

GMAT Reading Comprehension Handbook Learn how to navigate through dense RC passages on the GMAT and also get powerful techniques to boost your performance on Reading Comprehension.

100 Difficult GMAT Questions & Explanations We have compiled 100 most difficult GMAT questions from various GMAT prep versions over the years along with its detailed explanation into this ebook.

Top GMAT Success Secrets In this e-book, you'll get Invaluable prep advice on how to ace the GMAT exam from the stars of CrackVerbal's very own GMAT Hall of Fame.  

Advanced CR Questions with Explanations In this guide, you will get explanations to 50 official GMAT Critical Reasoning questions along with detailed resons for eliminating each answer option.

Advanced Sentence correction GMAT

Advanced SC Questions with Explanations Download this e-book to find detailed explanations of 40+ official Sentence correction questions. The explanations would include the specific reasons for eliminating each answer option. 

Advanced DS Questions with Explanations If you have been struggling to figure out which how to choose the right answer for the Data Sufficiency questions the download this e-book where we provide detailed explanations to 50+ DS questions.

Advanced PS Questions with Explanations This e-book contains explanations to 50 official GMAT Problem Solving questions along with detailed resons for eliminating each answer option.

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About the GMAT Kickstarter Course

This GMAT Kickstarter video Course will help you learn core concepts and strategies to get a high GMAT score. This course is ideal for those who are either starting their GMAT preparation or are struggling with the essential GMAT concepts. The GMAT Kickstarter course consists of 8+ hours of GMAT Strategy, concept and application videos. This course will teach you the strategies and techniques required to tackle each of the sections on the GMAT

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