5 Tips To Create Great Video Essays

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Video essays are a great way to let the AdCom glimpse your personality and communication skills before the interview.

If you have the option of submitting a video essay, definitely go for it.
Here are some tips when attempting video essays:

1. Make sure the quality of both visuals and audio is good.


The whole point of video essays is to let the AdCom see you and listen to you – so they should be able to do this.


There’s nothing worse than grainy visuals or noisy audio, and the last thing you want is for your MBA application essay to be like a mugshot or a home video captured with a VGA camera.


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2. Be creative… or not.


Really, there are no rules for how you wish to communicate what you want to. You can go for a TED talk-like gig or intersperse bits with you talking with other visuals or photographs; or you could just talk the entire time.


The only rule is that you must answer to the question posed in the prompt and not get carried away. If the prompt is open-ended, make sure you have a good script. Reading from a script might look artificial – so just make sure you know what key points you want to make, and how much time you want to spend on each.


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3. Keep it crisp!


Often, time limits are specified for video essays. But if no duration is specified, keep it short and crisp. About 3 minutes is ideal, as it is difficult to hold people’s attention beyond this.


You really do not want your audience to skip forward or close the video before you make your point.




4. Let your personality show!


Let me reiterate that the video essay is a good way to let the AdCom understand personal traits of yours that are difficult to communicate through written essays. So don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. Add a bit of humor if that’s your thing.


Of course, there’s a thin line here too – clothes, language and attitude! You do have to look well-groomed and be articulate. 🙂




5. Keep it simple!


You don’t need to make something fancy to make an impression – the idea, content and quality are all that matter. So don’t run after fancy graphics or studio recordings. What you say, and how well you communicate it are what will turn the tide in your favor.

Now that you have figured out how to create a video essay. Read on how to write an application essay.
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