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How an Engineer Scored a 750 on the GMAT in His First Attempt!

750 On Gmat

Name: Abhishek Bharti

GMAT Score: 750

First Attempt: Yes

Here is our student, Abhishek Bharti. With over nine years of experience, Abhishek is employed at Samsung Electronics as Chief Engineer. He had finally decided to pursue his MBA dream by joining CrackVerbal and attempted the GMAT exam in November 2017.

Little did he know that all his hard work and dedication will help him score a stellar 750 in his GMAT and help him achieve his dreams. This is his story; do stay with us to know his journey.

“I am a tech professional”

A student of the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Abhishek is a tech professional with over nine years of work experience and is presently working with Samsung Electronics. He is a married man with a child and is currently residing in Bengaluru.

“I had reached a glass ceiling, and I wanted to progress higher”

Speaking about his career, Abhishek mentioned that he had to switch some companies and before he joined Samsung Electronics, where he worked on the data chips that Samsung produces for their laptops and mobile phones. Being good at his job also meant that he received a lot of accolades.

Then what made him leave the comfort of his current life? Abhishek felt that there was not much that his current job or any other similar profile would offer him unless he moved up the corporate ladder with an MBA. Abhishek quickly realized that he could not afford to delay in his dream of appearing for the GMAT as for him, that would mean that he would not progress ahead in his career.

Also, he was interested in finance and strategy, and he felt pursuing an MBA would be the ideal choice for him.

“I realized I needed expert help for my GMAT.”

Initially, Abhishek decided to self-study for the GMAT. He would devote one hour of study time in the office, then come back home and sit to study. Speaking about his experience, he mentioned that it was a difficult time because it had been years since he stopped studying, and then to go back to the same routine proved challenging.

Abhishek had also collected material from his seniors for his preparation, but he soon realized that it was a herculean task given his time constraints.

“I think studying while being at home is an easier task if your family is supportive, but I could not expect the same in my office.”

These challenges led Abhishek to realize that he needed to enroll in a reputed institute for his GMAT preparation.

“From all my sources, CrackVerbal came as the obvious choice.”

Abhishek scanned the internet comparing reviews of various coaching centers in his search for a reputed coaching institute, but he did not stop there. He also asked his helpful seniors for advice on which institute would suit him.

Fortunately, from both his searches, he zeroed on CrackVerbal.

Speaking about CrackVerbal, Abhishek said,

“From all the sources, CrackVerbal came as the obvious choice because I received the most positive reviews online and from some of my seniors, who were previous students at CrackVerbal. They strongly recommened CrackVerbal as well.”

On taking up the GMAT course at CrackVerbal, Abhishek soon realized the gaps in his self-preparation.

Speaking about his rigorous training, Abhishek muses that although it was hectic, he is fortunate that he could learn a lot of new things. He found the sentence correction classes and the course materials to be insightful and well organized.

“What I realized is that although I had studied through English background, I did not think much about grammar. But on joining CrackVerbal’s course, I realized the importance of grammar and the proper usage of English.”

He also thoroughly practiced the question banks provided to him, and because of their comprehensive nature, Abhishek did not have to rely on any other sources.

“I scored a 750 on my GMAT in the first attempt!”

After months of hard work, Abhishek finally appeared for the GMAT exam in November 2017. And as luck would have it (coupled with hard work, of course), he scored a 750 on his first attempt!

But his success did not sidetrack Abhishek, for he knew it was only the first step. Abhishek had long decided that he would pursue an MBA in India, given that his family is residing here. So then began his attempt to secure admission at a top B-school in India.

“…I was quite late in applying to the various B-schools. It was November 19th, 2017, and many reputed B-schools had completed their R1 and R2.”

But his obstacles did not deter him, as he finally applied to IIM Bangalore and ISB.

“Analyze every question.”

When asked about his advice to future MBA applicants, Abhishek stressed the importance of taking the GMAT, including the mock test, very seriously. He also advised students to analyze every question they attempt.

Abhishek’s journey is nothing short of inspiring — From his self-study days to choosing Crackverbal and devoting every weekend, to pursuing his goals and securing a 750 in his first attempt. All the trails have certainly made Abhishek appreciate his journey so far.

We hope his story also helped you remain steadfast on your path. For your reference, we are also linking Abhishek’s video below.

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