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Story of an Entrepreneur Who Secured ISB PGP Pro Admit

CrackVerbal - MBA Success Story

Name: Suyog Shriram Pathak

B-school Name: Indian School of Business

Meet our student, Suyog Shriram Pathak. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has a five-year work experience as a Senior Audit Consultant in Ernst and Young, Dubai. He managed to secure admissions for the PGP Pro program at ISB. But there is more to Suyog’s journey than what just meets the eye. He is also an entrepreneur who wishes to expand his start-up in his hometown.

This is just the beginning of Suyog’s story, and we hope that his story helps you make an informed decision regarding your B-school aspirations and why you should choose a particular course. Also, stay with us as Suyog shares his tips for GMAT aspirants.

“I wanted to gain some managerial skills to help me expand my business.”

Upon completing his CA education, Suyog worked in the External Auditing field and simultaneously worked on his start-up. Eventually, he wished to convert his start-up into an enterprise.

 “I wanted to gain some managerial knowledge that will help expand my business, and I was looking for an MBA from a good university.”

From there on, Suyog started researching about the different courses from the top B-schools, which will help him achieve his dream. While in EY in Dubai, he decided that he wanted to pursue a B-school program in India because he wished to expand his business on Indian soil.

Then the process of searching for his perfect course started. Suyog had zeroed on four B-schools, namely:

– IIM Ahmedabad

– IIM Bangalore

– IIM Calcutta


As he was going through their courses, he came across a promotional email from ISB which described their various courses. There he found the PGP Pro program from ISB, and upon researching it, he realized that this course suited him perfectly.

Speaking about his decision, Suyog mentioned that as an entrepreneur, he wanted to study a course that taught him how to incorporate new ideas and strategies into his own business and also save him his opportunity cost. The ISB PGP Pro program, therefore, ticked all his boxes.

 “CrackVerbal was the only point of contact for me.”

Speaking about his journey with CrackVerbal, Suyog said,

“I did not have anyone around me who had done an MBA from a reputed B-school, and here, CrackVerbal played a big role to help me get through this process.”

Suyog relied on CrackVerbal’s excellent mentors, who helped him understand the process, prepare him for GMAT, and helped him realize which course to choose depending upon his post-MBA goals. This helped him achieve success in his endeavor.

 Suyog defines success in three simple steps:

  1. To have a set goal
  2. To have a mentor
  3. To be consistent and hardworking

According to Suyog, CrackVerbal played an impactful role in mentoring him throughout preparing for GMAT and eventually securing admissions at ISB. Speaking further on the importance of CrackVerbal’s mentorship, he mentioned that firstly, CrackVerball never made any decision for him. Instead, the mentors helped him with clear information about the different courses and how each program can benefit him. Suyog then, primed with the knowledge, was able to make an informed decision for himself.

Secondly, Suyog felt that his essays would need a lot of work. After that, upon multiple sessions on improving his essays, Suyog was proud of the final essay, which he eventually submitted to ISB. Speaking about the importance of an essay, Suyog said,

“I had a good profile as a professional and as an entrepreneur, but if that does not get reflected on paper, it would not have helped my application.”

Thirdly, Suyog’s hard work equally matched with CrackVerbal’s dedicated mentors. They helped him realize his potential and supported him with course preparation material. The mentors enabled him with constructive feedback on how Suyog could change and improve his essays at every step. Also helped him with mock essays and interview questions to prepare Suyog for the final day.

“You need to have patience and go through everything minutely.”

Suyog’s first line of preparation started with the ISB portal, which he went through in detail. That helped him get much clarity on the program he was choosing and how it will benefit him. Thereupon, he also contacted the admissions committee to clarify any matter related to the course and the B-school in general.

It was the right decision on his part as the admission team will have a lot of clarity about their program. Finally, Suyog also reached out to the alumni to understand how the course helped them make impactful decisions in their lives. All this information helped Suyog fortify his decision and gain clarity on the matter at hand.

Now he was fully prepared for the D-day, i.e., the day of the interview.

“After a point of time, I started asking more questions.”

In the interview panel, two panelists were ISB alumni. One of them had also followed on the same path as Suyog. He, too, passed out from ISB and then went on to start his own business.

Speaking about his interview process, Suyog joked that soon the interview became more of a Q&A session where he started asking his interviewer questions about how he began his enterprise!

Speaking about the overall interview process, Suyog says that it was very comfortable because of his extensive preparation, starting from his mock interview and every other method. He also stated that since the interview was held online, he recorded his interview answers to understand where he can improve. Finally, he was able to grow from his experience and perform well.

All his preparations bore fruit as Suyog secured admissions in the ISB’s PGP Pro admissions and even received a scholarship of Rs. 5 Lakhs!

“Frankly speaking, I was surprised!”

“You need to be consistent with your preparation.”

Sharing his insight on the entire process, Suyog stated that aspirants need to be consistent in their preparation. He further added that cracking the GMAT is an achievable goal for anyone dedicated and willing to work hard. He said that they needed to devote two to three hours daily for their GMAT preparations for the working professionals, and he urged aspirants to think out of the box.

We hope Suyog’s journey was insightful for your preparation and helped you understand how you can also choose a course that suits your future goals. You can also watch the interview below.

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