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CrackVerbal’s Comprehensive Study Material to Prepare for the GMAT

With the plethora of GMAT Study Material out there, how do you pick the right the GMAT prep material for you?

And how updated are you with the changes in the GMAT syllabus, and if the material you are currently using is not outdated?

You cannot be too careful.

If you are going to be investing time and effort towards getting a good score on the GMAT, it only makes sense to look around for the right study material.

And what luck!

You’ve landed on our page 🙂

Let us tell you how we are going to help improve your GMAT scores with our custom-designed GMAT Prep Study Material.

Our faculty have been meticulously hand-picked and individually trained. They are and continue to be the reason behind our successful students who have made it to their dream b-schools.

Our approach is directed towards boosting your scores. With experience comes learning – we have custom tailored our teaching methods to the Indian mindset thus able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Indian Test-Takers.

We show our support by being available at all times. If you are facing roadblocks, the gmatprep team will prepare a plan suited to your needs, till you reach your dream score.

We at CrackVerbal are here to make sure you get the right study material to ace the test.

We students 3 channels to prepare for the GMAT.

Here is what you will gain with us as a student:

Online Course

Our online course gives you the flexibility to prepare your GMAT study plan.

You can study at your pace – early morning or night – however you feel convenient.

Here’s what our online course offers:

We know you are going to do a lot of research before signing up for our GMAT online course, so we thought you could check out our GMAT free resources, or sign up for a free demo.

GMAT Video Library
GMAT E-books
GMAT Forum
FREE GMAT practice test

Classroom Assistance

Here’s what our Classroom course looks like:

If you want a taste of our classroom course, attend a free demo session 🙂

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Personalized Tutor

With our Personal Tutoring course, you will be assigned one of our top GMAT instructors.

They will help you improve your GMAT score and address your GMAT problem-areas by teaching you strategies in the way that best suits your skills.

Our trainers are focused on the one student and they work on building his strengths and improving his weaknesses.

The trainer’s device a customized study plan tailor-made to the student’s requirements.

Crackverbal caters to non-native speakers and helps them in a way they best understand.

The sessions are face-face if the student is in Bangalore, and if not, we host video call sessions.

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