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Tepper School Of Business Essay Analysis 2021

Tepper School Of Business Essay Analysis 2020 - 2021

If you plan to apply at Tepper School of Business in 2020-21 and wonder how to attempt their application essays, you will find your answers here. In this blog, we will be discussing how you can attempt the application essays in detail. Just read this blog till the end, and we are sure we can answer your doubts.

Tepper School of Business is part of Carnegie Mellon University, one of the oldest and reputed universities for tech professionals in the USA. However, due to its brand value, a lot of technology professionals apply here.

This means that if you are an IT professional with five years of experience and a GMAT score of 730, chances are there will be a lot of applicants with a similar profile. That is why you must differentiate yourself with your application.

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Tepper School of Business has only one essay this year, which is around 350 to 500 words. Here, we will explain how you can craft the best essay possible, so continue reading the blog; we have many actionable items for you in-store.

Essay Question 1:

At Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School, we value our community and it is important for each person to contribute to its success. What difference will you make as a member of the MBA class at the Tepper School?
Word limit: 350-500 words

This question can be divided into two aspects; let us discuss them separately.

1. The first aspect is the community. Tepper values their students as contributing members of their community. This section focuses on knowing how you will be a community member.

Several universities in the USA have student-run college activities. Therefore, you need to ask yourself- What can I offer to this community? This section will form the basis of your essay.

2. The second aspect is what values you can contribute. These can be essentially your skills and thought processes that you have honed throughout the years.

For this essay, focus on two to three points that you wish to drive home. Let us discuss them below:

– Profession: In this section, mention your background, specific knowledge, skills, and industry knowledge. Tepper is looking for your transferable skills. Remember that these skills make you stand apart.

– Personal: In this section, you can mention a hobby that you want to pursue or have been pursuing for many years. For example, you could be a photographer or a hiker. What is essential is to realize what other skills you can bring to the table. Remember to ask yourself, ‘Is there anything else that I have to offer?’

– Post-MBA goal: In this section, try to see if you could tie your essay with your post-MBA goals. The point is to see if there is anything in your plans that you can combine here. You must be specific, and for that, you can visit Tepper’s website and even talk to an alumnus to understand the environment at Tepper.

The goal of the essay is to stand apart and be interesting. Remember not to write what the admission team can find in your application.

In essence, this essay asks a pertinent question, ‘Why you?’ Many people may think that they did not address why they wish to do an MBA or why they chose Tepper; you don’t have to worry about that. Remain to the point and give adequate weightage to each section.

Structurally, you can divide the essay into:

1. Introduction: 100 words
2. Point 1: 100 words
3. Point 3: 100 words
4. Conclusion: 100 words


Application deadlines for Tepper class of 2021-22 are:

Rounds Application Deadlines
Round 2 Full-time & Part-time Jan 10, 2021
Round 3 Full-time & Part-time Mar 2, 2021
Round 4 Part-time Apr 12, 2021

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We hope that we have resolved your concerns regarding Kelley’s application essay. If you still have doubts, you can always revisit our blog or check out the video link given above.

Regarding the essay, keep in mind to focus on a maximum of two points that you want to explain and drive home. Remember to share why you are a community person and how you can contribute to Tepper.

If you think you need professional help regarding drafting and reviewing your application essay, you can contact us anytime. You can easily reach our MBA experts; all you have to do is click on the image below.