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These Are Canada’s 10 Best MBA Programs in 2021

Top MBA Programs - Canada

North American Business Schools take all the top spots on any list of MBA rankings in the world. But the current US Government isn’t exactly popular for its attitude towards immigrants, so we totally understand if you don’t want to do your MBA in the US.

MBA aspirants around the world are beginning to look at options outside the US, so if you’re thinking about this, you’re not alone.

In fact, many Indian MBA aspirants are beginning to wonder if they should even get an MBA abroad or in India itself. Luckily, though, Canada presents a great opportunity – not only is it right next to the US, but it has a much more hospitable environment and can provide competitive alternatives to US B-schools.

If you are considering applying to Canadian B-Schools, you should know about a recent trend that will have a great impact on your chances of getting in. Given the socio-political environment in the US, thousands of high-scoring applicants are now flocking to Canadian B-Schools.

There’s a weird phenomenon in Canadian B-Schools because of this:

The best B-Schools in Canada typically received applications with GMAT scores in the 670-710 range. Now, with would-be Ivy Leaguers applying to B-Schools in Canada as backup options, the range of applicants’ scores has shot through the roof. However, a large number of these applicants get into B-Schools in the US and don’t end up accepting offers from Canada’s B-Schools.

As a result, even though the average score of the applicant pool has risen dramatically, the average score of the students who study in Canada’s B-Schools hasn’t seen much of a shift.

Fortunately, though, this phenomenon has had no effect on B-School rankings within Canada. The top 10 MBA programs in the country are:

  1. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  2. Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario
  3. Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
  4. Schulich School of Business, University of York
  5. Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
  6. HEC Montreal
  7. Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
  8. John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
  9. University of Alberta School of Business
  10. DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

Here’s some more information on the specializations available at each of these, their locations, tuition fees, and what it takes to get in.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Duration: 2 years
Average Work Experience: 4.6 years
Average GMAT Score: 658
Tuition Fees: $120,680 (Canadian)
Concentrations: Brand Management, Business Design, Consulting, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Funds Management, Global Management, General MBA, Health Sector Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Investment Banking, Leadership and Change Management, Process and Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, Risk Management and Financial Engineering, Sustainability

Rotman has topped charts for decades. Known to be one of the most innovative B-Schools in Canada, Rotman was the first to introduce video essays to its admissions process. The critically acclaimed Self-Development Lab and flexible Internship Program have earned Rotman its stellar record as far as campus placements go.

For more details, visit Rotman’s MBA Page.

Location: London, Ontario
Duration: 1 year
Average Work Experience: 4.8 years
Average GMAT Score: 670
Tuition Fees: $106,500
Concentrations: You can choose from among five areas of focus, and your course will be tailored accordingly. The five areas of focus available are Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Corporate Strategy and Leadership, and International Management.

The Ivey Business School is yet another chart-topper when it comes to MBA rankings in Canada. Their in-house career management team is internationally acclaimed for the work it does, which is just made better by the fact that 94% of Ivey graduates switch careers post-MBA.

For more information, visit Ivey’s MBA Page.

Location: Montréal, Québec
Duration: 20 months
Average Work Experience: 5 years
Average GMAT Score: 668
Tuition Fees: $89,000 (including international trip)
Concentrations: Global Strategy and Leadership, Finance, Business Analytics, and Marketing.

The Desautels Faculty of Management offers a variety of MBA programs, some of which look to integrate other fields of study with the MBA curriculum – like the Law MBA or the MD MBA programs. The McGill Case Competition Association and the McGill Business Consulting Group offer you excellent opportunities to learn in real-world scenarios.

For more information, visit McGill University’s MBA page.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Duration: 20 months
Average Work Experience: 5 years
Average GMAT Score: 660
Tuition Fees: $101,900
Concentrations: Accounting; Arts, Media & Entertainment Management; Business & Sustainability; Business Consulting; Entrepreneurial Studies; Finance; Financial Risk Management; Financial Services; Global Mining Management; Global Retail Management; Health Industry Management; International Business; Marketing; Operations Management & Information Systems; Organization Studies; Real Estate & Infrastructure; Social Sector Management; Strategic Management

This is easily one of the most recognized names on the list of top MBA colleges in Canada. It is known for being highly student-centric, offering flexible study options so that you can take classes at the Keele campus or at the Toronto satellite campus. The most interesting part for most students is the two-term strategic consulting project where you get to work with clients on real business problems and solutions.

For more details, visit Schulich’s MBA Page.

Location: Kingston, Ontario
Duration: 1 year
Average Work Experience: 5 years
Average GMAT Score: 650
Tuition Fees: $97,000
Concentrations: Consulting, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Management Analytics, Marketing & Sales

Irrespective of the specialization you choose to go for, the Smith MBA requires you to undertake a mandatory Individual Project Course. As a part of this, you can work with an existing company to help deal with real-world business situations. Alternatively, you’re expected to come up with a new venture of your own. Often, these projects can even be launched as start-ups with the help of the Smith School of Business.

For more details, visit Smith’s MBA Page.

Location: Montréal, Québec
Duration: 1 year
Average Work Experience: 7 years
Average GMAT Score: 625
Tuition Fees: $34,050
Concentrations: Entrepreneurship; Finance, Strategy, and Consulting; Markets and Business Intelligence; General Management and Leadership; International Management; Digital Enterprise

HEC Montréal has 300 faculty members who are industry experts from various walks of life. The popular B-school offers an optional Global Immersion Program, which is integral to making the very best of the HEC Montréal full-time MBA. The school also has an excellent placement record with an average wage increase of 28% across the board.

For more details, visit HEC Montréal’s MBA page.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Duration: 16 months
Average Work Experience: 5 years
Average GMAT Score: 650
Tuition Fees: $80,060
Concentrations: Finance; Product and Service Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; or you can create a customized concentration for yourself

UBC Sauder is one of the few B-schools that allows you to customize and create your own concentration during the latter half of your 16-month MBA program. High on the customization factor, UBC Sauder has a multitude of self-development options headed by the Business Career Centre. Services available include one-on-one career coaching and guidance lectures and workshops.

For more details, visit Sauder’s MBA page.

Location: Montréal, Québec
Duration: 16 months
Average Work Experience: 5.5 years
Average GMAT Score: 635
Tuition Fees: $50,528
Concentrations: You are expected to choose topics from the following themes to create your own concentrations – Business Analytics; Entrepreneurship and Family Firms; People and Organizations; Consulting and Strategy; Globalization; and Experiential.

Only 39% of an average MBA batch at the John Molson School of Business is made up of Canadian students. Clearly popular among international MBA students. A convenient class scheduling system allows you to pick out your own schedule, with the option to choose afternoon and evening classes per your convenience.

For more details, visit Molson’s MBA page.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Duration: 20 months
Average Work Experience: 4.6 years
Average GMAT Score: 613
Tuition Fees: $57,909
Concentrations: Energy Finance; Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Operations & Business Analytics; Public Sector and Healthcare Management; and Strategy & Consulting

An MBA from the University of Alberta’s School of Business equips you with the right knowledge to help you succeed in all kinds of environments – from large corporates to start-ups. The mandatory Capstone Project at the end of the program requires you to work with an external organization, helping them handle a critical real-life problem.

For more details, visit Alberta’s MBA page.

Location: Burlington, Ontario
Duration: 20 months
Average Work Experience: 3 years
Average GMAT Score: 630
Tuition Fees: $82,000
Concentrations: Accounting and Financial Management Services; Finance; Health Services Management; Strategic Business Valuation; Strategic Marketing; and Data Analytics.

Housed in the Ron Joyce Centre at the Burlington campus, the DeGroote MBA provides a shuttle service from the main campus at Hamilton. The MBA is available in multiple formats, but the full-time program lasts a minimum of 20 months. An in-house career management service hosts company information sessions, mock interview nights, and one-on-one coaching sessions to help you take full advantage of the course.

For more details, visit DeGroote’s MBA page.

Typically, people choose to go in for an MBA because of two reasons: one is in pursuit of pay hikes and another is in pursuit of a career change. An MBA is known to be one of the safest ways to switch careers smoothly and it nearly always guarantees a higher income than before.

So, whether you’re looking to do an MBA for these reasons or for any others, you will need a solid profile to get an admit from any good MBA college in Canada or anywhere else around the world. Get your profile evaluated for an MBA to get a better understanding of where you stand!