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Yale School Of Management MBA Essay Analysis 2021

Yale School of Management MBA Essay Analysis 2020-2021

If you wish to enroll in Yale School of Management for 2020-21, you must submit one of the best application essays. Fortunately, in this blog, we will be discussing in detail how you can attempt it. So read this blog till the end, for we have a lot of actionable tips for you.

Yale is one of the Ivy League schools that enjoys an enormous reputation and brand equity. Approximately 4000 people apply to Yale, and they have a class strength of 350.

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Now that we have given you an overview of the Yale School of Management, let us look at their application essay.


Yale offers one insightful essay question, and we suggest you go through our analysis thoroughly to be able to crack this essay.

Essay Question 1:

Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made?
Word limit: 500 words

Firstly, you need to understand what Yale is looking for in this essay. They are looking at your ability to do something over a sustained period showing resolve, and a drive to take things to closure. Now you may wonder how you show your commitment? We are here to help you with that!

Before you write this essay, think of all the possible areas where you must have shown commitment. For your ease, we will be dividing it into four divisions. We will also be sharing examples from previous students who secured admissions in Yale so that you can get an essence of what they want.

You can start with:

School: There have been people who felt passionate about technology, which they felt could positively impact people. Similarly, you must have also learned something, which is your commitment to make the world a better place. Remember, it cannot be something you want to do after your MBA; it must be something you have been doing already.

Work: People who are committed to their work have also shown a commitment towards a cause. It is not the work itself. You may mention a perspective you brought into your profession or added value to an existing product or category. The list is endless; what matters is your action towards your work

Extra-Curricular: This should be something that you love doing. For example, one of our students had an intense passion for teaching, and he started an NGO which sent volunteers to the NGO. He started this initiative because he felt many people wanted to educate others and give back to society but never received the right platform. It is important to note that he worked on his NGO, along with his full-time venture. In time, however, his start-up failed, but this is an excellent example. So keep in mind, Yale is not looking at a commitment succeeding; what they are looking for is the commitment itself.

Hobbies: The commitment that you will mention here can be entirely personal. For example, one of our students spoke about his battle with obesity. It took him two years, but he reduced his weight from 130kg to 80kg. Currently, he has a youtube channel and frequently writes about the importance of health. Through this story, his fitness passion can be seen, and Yale is looking for the same passion in you as well.

When you start citing your commitment and passion, think deeply. One way you can do it is to sit down and list everything you are passionate about and have done for a considerable period. However, if you are unsure, you can ask people what they think is your significant commitment.


Now let us discuss the structure of the essay. We will be dividing the essay into three parts, and they are:

Part 1- 100 words:
Start by addressing a fundamental question: ‘What is your commitment?’ Give some backdrop because you cannot expect the reader to assume your story, and that is why you need to share yours.

Part 2- 150 words:
In this section, you should talk about what you did about your commitment; keep in mind not to make it sound like a job description. Instead, talk about your work, how people reacted to it, and any hurdles you might have faced.

Part 3- 200 words:
This is a crucial section of your essay where you describe your takeaways. In other words, what did you learn, and how does it make you stand apart from the rest? Remember, this is an applications essay, and as such, Yale will be looking for unique candidates.


Application deadlines for Yale class of 2021-22 are:

Rounds Application Deadlines
Round 1 Sep 15, 2020
Round 2 Jan 7, 2021
Round 3 Apr 13, 2021

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We are sure that now you will be able to attempt the application essay. If you require any help, you can always refer to this blog or check the video link at the beginning.

Regarding the essay, you must know the ‘why’ behind your passion. That will lead on to the ‘how’ and finally the ‘what.’

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