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The town of Enderton is located in an area where forest fires are quite common. During dry periods and periods of persistent winds, when even a spark can result in a fire that spreads over many acres, the danger of fire there is particularly serious. To help prevent forest fires in the area, the town government plans to post a ban on outdoor fires when such conditions prevail.

Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest indication that the town’s plan will have at most a minor effect on the annual number of forest fires in the Enderton area?


Option A:

Most of the tourists who visit the forests surrounding Enderton also visit Enderton itself.

Option B:

Although there are county fire fighters available to combat forest fires in the area, Enderton itself has no professional fire fighters.

Option C:

Very few forest fires in the Enderton area result from fires deliberately set by arsonists.

Option D:

Nearly all forest fires in the Enderton area are the result of lightning strikes.

Option E:

The number of forest fires in the Enderton area has not increased significantly in the last several years.

Difficulty Level



Option D is the correct answer.

Option Analysis

Question type: Strengthen the Argument 

Summary of the argument: The plan by the government is to impose a ban to external fires so that the annual number of forest fires reduces.  

A) Doesn’t talk anything about fires.  

B) We are not worried about the presence of firefighters.  

C) This weakens the argument. It says that the ban will not have an intended effect as the number is very few.  

D) Correct Answer 

E) So what?Doesn’t matter to the logic of the argument.  

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