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Unsure on how to make your MBA profile stand out among thousands of other applicants?

If yes! then get ready to learn some actionable strategies to improve your profile before applying for an MBA program.

This Saturday, CrackVerbal brings you two insightful sessions on ‘How to Improve your MBA profile’.

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In this Webinar series, experts and mentors from the industry will guide you with enhancing your MBA profile.

Here’s what will be discussed in the webinar series

1. What is the MBA application process?
2. What are your post-MBA career options?
3. What does B-school Adcoms look for in an MBA Applicant?
4. How can you leverage Linkedin for your MBA Applications?

Application deadlines are just around the corner. Enroll for free now and learn the tricks to make your application stand out from the rest – all from the comfort of your home.

Session Details:
Date: 3rd August 2019, Saturday
Time: 3.30 pm
Speaker: Annesha Dutta

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