Past Webinars

Are you planning to build a career in consultancy post-MBA?

Then this webinar will bring you clarity!

In this webinar, Mayank Mangal, ISB Alum and Associate at Mckinsey will guide you about careers options in consultancy post an MBA.

The webinar is an ideal opportunity to learn, interact and ask questions directly to the industry leaders.

Here’s what will be discussed in the webinar series:

1. What is Consulting?
2. Career Progression in Consulting: The scope and future
3. What do AdComs look for in an MBA candidate interested in Consultancy?
4. How to plan your post-MBA career?
5. My post-MBA journey: Mayank Mangal

Session Details: Post-MBA Careers: Consulting
Date: 10th August 2019, Saturday
Time: 10.30 am
Speaker: Mayank Mangal

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