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How to Succeed in MBA Interviews? Here are 5 tips!

MBA Interview Tips in 2021

Yes, you have aced your GMAT, crafted compelling MBA application essays, and sent in the best recommendation letters. Now, you are at the Boss Level, i.e., the interview round, which is the precursor to securing admissions at the B-school of your choice. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you impress the interviewers. We are sure that you know its importance, and probably, that is why you decided to read up on some MBA interview tips.

Well, we have the top five MBA interview tips for you in this article, so we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Be sure to read them carefully, for these simple tips can be the difference between your acceptance or rejection letter.

Here are the five tips that we will be discussing in this blog:

1. How you say things is more important than what you say
2. Prepare responses for the standard interview questions
3. “Lead” the interviewer into asking you questions that you are comfortable talking about
4. Keep it conversational
5. Dress comfortably

Now, let’s look at these points closely so that you can get ready for your B-school interviews.

1. How you say things is more important than what you say

MBA Interview Tips - Be confident for your interview

Any interviewer would gauge you in the first 30 seconds and form an opinion. That is why you must place your best foot forward by always smiling, giving a firm handshake, and looking each interviewer (If it is a panel interview) in the eye as a sign of acknowledgment.

These small gestures help you build up your persona in the interviewer’s eyes, and you are more likely to be selected. Of course, how you fare in your interview depends as well, but these actions ensure you have a good start.

2. Prepare the responses for the standard interview questions

MBA Interview Tips Preparation Guide - Be Prepared

If you apply to different B-schools and get called for interviews, you will soon realize that some of the interview questions are entirely different. But, there are specific questions that every interviewer will ask their candidates irrespective of the B-school. And you can prepare answers to such questions in advance. This will help you put across the right story and help you think better and answer the impromptu questions well. To prepare further, download our free MBA Interview Prep Guide.

Overall, most top B-schools interviewers will ask you these four types of questions:

  • Resume-based: Here, make sure you have covered all your bases, and if there are any red flags, you must have answered them in your Optional essays and be prepared to elaborate on them. If not, have the answers ready before you go for the interview.
  • Work experience-based: To answer these questions, you should ensure that you have prepared your work stories beforehand to know what to say in a given situation. We suggest that you select stories where you have made a significant contribution and also have had a good learning experience in the process.
  • Extracurricular activities-based: You must be wondering how difficult it can be to answer questions on your extracurricular activities, right? But, when you are in that interview room, you might fumble. So, set a list of interests that you pursue as a hobby and those you do to contribute to society. In the hobby part, you can mention anything that excites you; it can be sports, music, painting, reading (As long as you pursue them). The list is endless. For your contribution to society, make sure that you mention if you have been or are currently part of an NGO in your area or have volunteered for a cause.
  • Why MBA-based: This is an important question that helps an interviewer understand your desire to pursue an MBA at a B-school of your choice. It is your responsibility to be fully prepared, and also, you can earn brownie points when you mention how the particular B-school can play a role in achieving your post-MBA goals. It will showcase your research on the B-school’s ideology as well as their MBA program.

3. Lead the interviewer into asking you questions that you are comfortable talking about

Strengths and Interests

This part can be tricky for most. We are essentially trying to tell you that you need to focus on your strengths and make the interviewers focus on them too!

For example, if the interviewers ask you about your favorite book or movie, you need to know at least one of them and have an adequate reason. It does not mean that you have to sound intelligent; you need to be yourself and be honest.

If there is some topic that you wish to talk about, here is one trick how you can include it in your interview. Mention a book or a movie based on the topic, and then showcase your knowledge based on the subject at hand.

What you need to remember is that you need to lead the interviewer into asking you questions which you are confident about that will help boost your chances of securing admissions.

4. Keep it conversational


Remember not to get overwhelmed and treat your interview like a quiz contest. Instead, think of it as a conversation. So, what do you do when you are having a conversation with someone? You speak and also ask them questions, correct?

Do the same during your MBA interviews as well. It is essential to showcase your interest by asking counter questions to your interviewers.

For example, you can ask the interviewer about their experience of the course and how their life trajectory has moved post their MBA.

Such a conversation will offer you a wealth of information on how you can also mold your career choices post your MBA.

If you feel that you’re not someone who can ask questions on the spot, you can even keep a few questions ready in your mind. In that case, whenever you get the opportunity, you can just open that folder in your mind, pick out the perfect questions and ask them.

5. Dress comfortably

Dress well at MBA Interviews

When you go to a party with your friends, don’t you dress up? And when you go for a jog, don’t you wear your workout clothes?

Similarly, when you attend the interviews, make sure that you dress correctly but comfortably.

In an interview, it is essential to be comfortable rather than stylish. You don’t want the interviewers to think of you as a ‘try-hard.’ It will not bode well for you. If you’re physically uncomfortable, you will not be your best, which would again backfire.

It is not essential, unless specified, to wear a tie. As long as you are dressed well and confident, that is what will eventually matter.

Now being confident and comfortable does not mean you end up in shorts! What we are essentially saying is to be yourself and have professional attire.

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We hope the five MBA Interview tips help you with your MBA interview preparations. For your ease, we are also sharing the link to the video in which our GMAT expert and MBA Mentor, Arun Jagannathan, shares his insights on preparing for MBA interviews.

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