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IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A) PGPX Application 2021

IIM AHMEDABAD (IIM-A) PGPX Application 2020-2021

If you aim to secure admissions in the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX program for 2020-21 but require help in the application essays, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will help you tackle the application essay questions and ensure that you submit a winning application.

Before we begin, let us look at IIM-Ahmedabad and get an overview of their courses.

IIM-A has two distinct courses, namely:

IIM PGP program: This is a 2-year program where students gain admissions through the CAT exam.

IIM PGPX program: This is a postgraduate program for executives requiring GMAT scores.

The selection for the PGPX batch is a two-stage process. Let us look at them separately:

In the first stage, the candidates are shortlisted based on their applications.

For the second stage, candidates have to attempt the essay questions and Personal Interviews.

For more information on IIM-A and their courses, you can click the link shared here.

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IIM-A has three essay questions that you are required to share with the admissions team. We will be discussing each of them separately.

Essay Question 1:

Why do you want to do an MBA during these uncertain times? How does that align with your future career goals? Please speculate on your five and ten-year post-MBA career trajectory Word limit: 1000 words

These multiple questions are thought-provoking, and given the 1000-word limit means that there is enough room for you to structure your content judiciously. Before we answer Essay Question 1, we would say that most people applying to the IIM-A PGPX program are mid to senior-level professionals with 6 to 8 to 10 years’ experience. This means that their perspective and expectations will be different from the student who joins the PGP program.

Therefore, candidates applying to the PGPX program must have a clear understanding and expected to know:

– What are your strengths? – What is the skill set you have built? – What is the vision of the future according to you? – What industry do you wish to join? – What is the future of that industry? – What are the skill sets required in a leadership position in such an industry?

For this essay question, we suggest you answer it as per the three-pointers below:

– What is your future career goal? – How is it aligned with what you have done? – How will the IIM-A program help you?

In the first section, start with a why. You can, for example, talk about the following parts:

– What have you done in your life? – What have you learned? – What have you experienced as per your industry?

These points are meant to be a synopsis of your career and should not be your resume’s repetitive points. This section will set up your story’s premise and help you structure the rest of the essay.

Let’s consider this example: You can talk about what your requirements are for your future job. It can be developing a cross-functional view of management or enhancing your leadership skills.

In the second section, you can have three points. They are:

– What is my learning? – What is your vision of the future? – What do you need to equip yourself for that journey?

Start by mentioning how did this pandemic situation impact your market. You should also say what you have learned and experienced in this evolving scenario. Then you can mention your predictions about the market’s future. You can cite that you wish to take a year off to understand the market and observe the emerging trends.

Then you answer why this is the right time to study at IIM-A. Before the pandemic, our industries were growing at a boom of 50%, but now the whole business model has changed. Therefore, the IIM-A program will help you prepare for the changing business world and gain insight and perspective.

Now let’s see the word limit for each section:

– You can talk about your journey in the first 150 words, – Spend a good 250 to 350 words talking about the industry, about your knowledge. – Then, speak about how an MBA will help you, and you can use 350 words. – The rest of the 200 words can be a buffer, and you can put it anywhere where you may need more information.

Tip: Nowhere does it clearly say why you need a PGPX program, and we suggest that instead of writing a generic statement, you could maybe tweak it to reflect why the PGPX makes more sense than applying to a two-year program abroad now. You don’t need to be explicit about it but mention it in an implied sense.

Essay Question 2:

What is so special about you that professors and peers would like to have you in the class? Word limit: 500 words

In this essay, try to pick two objectives that differentiate you. This is your elevator pitch, the reason why someone would want to be with you in that classroom.

For example, let us say that you are a data analyst. You know you are great at Excel, and you believe that you are the right person to bring data into every conversation and look at it more objectively. If that is the kind of person you are, you know what is unique about it, so don’t talk about all your courses. Instead, tell them how you can build your niche. How does that make you memorable? You could pick a lot from your personal life. These could be things like “I practice yoga every day” and explain what yoga does to you.

You could also tell how you can contribute to the class. Maybe you would like to have your classmate come to the dorm and have this yoga exercise done before the course starts; perhaps that’s a new program you want to introduce. You also need to tell how you will be able to contribute with your talent during the class.

Essay Question 3:

Do you have anything special that you would want the Admissions Committee to know? Word limit: 500 words.

This essay question is unique, and we at CrackVerbal have realized that it is not about your language skills but your clarity of thought. Think of yourself as a person who is pitching to an investor. You have to convince the college that you are the best.

That is why, for this essay, you should tell them something that seals the deal. Maybe it is that one course that you took when you are in college or possibly why your previous GMAT score is lower than the required score. Use this essay as a fallback and use a personal connection.


Application deadlines for IIM-A PGPX class of 2021-22 are:

Rounds Application Deadlines
Round 1 Jun 22, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020
Round 2 Sep 11, 2020 to Oct 19, 2020
Round 3 Nov 9, 2020 to Jan 4, 2021
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We do hope you are ready to attempt IIM-Ahmedabad application essays. Remember to maintain a structure and keep your answers to the point. Your structured essays will ensure that you always hold the attention of your readers.

For any help regarding drafting and reviewing your essays, we are here to help you always. All you have to do is click the image below and talk to our experts.