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In one state, all cities and most towns have antismoking ordinances. A petition entitled “Petition for Statewide Smoking Restriction” is being circulated to voters by campaign workers who ask only, “Do you want to sign a petition for statewide smoking restriction?” The petition advocates a state law banning smoking in most retail establishments and in government offices that are open to the public.

Which of the following circumstances would make the petition as circulated misleading to voters who understand the proposal as extending the local ordinances statewide?


Option A:

Health costs associated with smoking cause health insurance premiums to rise for everyone and so affect nonsmokers.

Option B:

In rural areas of the state, there are relatively few retail establishments and government offices that are open to the public.

Option C:

The state law would supersede the local antismoking ordinances, which contain stronger bans than the state law does.

Option D:

There is a considerable sentiment among voters in most areas of the state for restriction of smoking.

Option E:

The state law would not affect existing local ordinances banning smoking in places where the fire authorities have determined that smoking would constitute a fire hazard.

Difficulty Level



Option C is the correct answer.

Option Analysis

Question type: Weaken the argument 

Summary of the argument: According to the argument, there is a petition that is being circulated that bans people from smoking in almost all retail establishments. We now need to find an answer choice that would make this misleading.  


A) This option talks about insurance and hence is not related to the logic of the argument 

B) This wouldn’t mislead the petition as irrespective of the number of retail establishments the ban would still hold good.  

C) Correct Answer 

D) The sentiment is not what is discussed in the passage.  

E) This option strengthens the argument by saying that there would be no effect.  

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