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From 1980 to 1989, total consumption of fish in the country of Jurania increased by 4.5 percent, and total consumption of poultry products there increased by 9.0 percent. During the same period, the population of Jurania increased by 6 percent, in part due to immigration to Jurania from other countries in the region.

If the statements above are true, which of the following must also be true on the basis of them?


Option A:

During the 1980s in Jurania, profits of wholesale distributors of poultry products increased at a greater rate than did profits of wholesale distributors of fish.

Option B:

For people who immigrated to Jurania during the 1980’s, fish was less likely to be a major part of their diet than was poultry.

Option C:

In 1989 Juranians consumed twice as much poultry as fish.

Option D:

For a significant proportion of Jurania’s population, both fish and poultry products were a regular part of their diet during the 1980s.

Option E:

Per capita consumption of fish in Jurania was lower in 1989 than in 1980.

Difficulty Level



Option E is the right answer.

Option Analysis

Question type: Inference based question

Summary of the argument: Since this is an inference question we will need to go to the argument to find out something that is 100% true based on the information given to us.

A) No information to calculate the profits.

B) We do not know the information about the diet of the people of Jurania.

C) No information about consumption.

D)We do not know the information about the diet of the people of Jurania.

E) Correct Answer

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