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A grocery store purchased crates of 40 oranges each for $5.00 per crate and then sold each orange for $0.20. What was the store’s gross profit on each crate of oranges?


Option A:

US$ 3.00

Option B:

US$ 6.00

Option C:

US$ 8.00

Option D:

US$ 10.00

Option E:

US$ 13.00

Difficulty Level



Option A is the right answer.

Option Analysis

40 oranges for $5, which makes each orange cost $0.125 (5/40).

Then the store sold each orange for $0.2, so the profits for each orange is 0.2-0.125 = $0.075.

Because there are 40 oranges

40 X 0.075 = $3.

So, the answer is A.

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