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Birds known as honey guides exhibit a unique pattern of behavior: the bird leads another animal, such as a honey-badger or human, to a bees’ nest with their chattering when they fly ahead; after the larger animal takes honey, the bird eats the wasp and bee larvae.


Option A:

with their chattering when they fly

Option B:

with chattering and its flying

Option C:

by chattering as it flies

Option D:

by chattering and its flying

Option E:

by chattering as they are flying

Difficulty Level



Option C is the correct answer.

Option Analysis

Concept tested: Construction, Parallelism, Pronouns

A) Inappropriate usage of the word “with”. They don’t fly WITH chattering.

B) Same as A.

C) Correct Answer

D) Not parallel.

E) Inappropriate usage of the pronoun “They”. You don’t know what they refer to.

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